Pokemon GO To Introduce Real World Events, New Tracking System And More

Lots of interesting things are coming to Pokemon GO sooner or later. And take note, this is not mere speculation, as the details came from one of Niantic's team member. According to the source, the hit augmented reality game will introduce a new tracker system as well as real world events. What's even more interesting? There are more to come.

In an interview at the UCLA (thanks to Reddit user Jwdarrenloh for the transcript), Raza Ahmad -- who works in the studio's Narrative Creation and Game Design -- revealed a handful of information about Pokemon GO and its future. He pointed out that the success of the (and Ingress, too) is proof that the market has an "appetite" for such games. That people, in one way or another, have desired to go out there and explore what there's to explore.

True enough, the success of Pokemon GO cements the fact that gamers nowadays are more into engaging real and meaningful activities. Ahmad also explained that it's true that the technology being used is entirely new, but the instincts being utilized are the complete opposite.

When asked about his take on the suspension of 3rd party Pokemon GO trackers, he didn't bother to give out any specifics. However, he noted that the company's vision is to see the game aligned to their very own view of community exploration. So, whether or not a tracker is in the works, expect the studio to continue moving forward with such intent.

Ahmad also shared Niantic's goal to come up with real world Pokemon GO events. And if they are to do so, the developers will surely give utmost focus on creating such based on the principles of Augmented Reality. This is definitely worth looking forward to.

Moreover, Ahmad iterated that Pokemon GO gyms are currently undergoing some sort of rebalancing. As a matter of fact, it's already being implemented thanks to the recent update. As much as he wanted to go beyond any information, he can't do so as he's not a member of the development team.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO as well as its future? Do you still play the game? What can you say about Ahmad's statements? Don't forget to share with us your answers at the comment section below!

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