Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Coming Next Year?

One of the highly anticipated update for Pokemon GO is Gen 2 -- short for Generation 2. Players, since time immemorial, have been wondering when exactly Niantic will unleash it. Well, good news -- it's coming next year. The two new features that have been introduced are just the beginning of it all.

First off, it's worth noting that the studio has released two brand new Pokemon GO features. These are the catch bonuses and a redefined gym system, both of which have arrived in a recently unveiled update. Niantic, nonetheless, pointed out that these are just among the many interesting things coming to the hit mobile game.

To get into the cream of the crop, the developers of Pokemon GO has confirmed that more Pokemon are coming. These new creatures, as what most players have been expecting, will arrive in the so-called Gen 2 update, as reported by Mic.

The forthcoming Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is believed to be unleashed sometime in 2017. And if the rumors are true, Niantic is set to make things a little more interesting and serious. In fact, as pointed out by the publication, one of the members of the game's creative team in the name of Raza Ahmad has confirmed it.

According to reports, Ahmad (a Pokemon GO designer and narrative creator in the studio) spoke to one of the panels at the UCLA's FuturizeX event. And thanks to a Reddit user called Jwdarrenloh, a transcription of his interview was revealed.

Pointing to the future of Pokemon GO, Ahmad said that the game, as what players see it, is only at the beginning of what the community will see in the coming days. "This is page one of chapter one," he said. The designer also iterated that they're adhering to "the vision of how to build a community game" that is based on the augmented reality principles.

Moreover, Ahmad reminded the Pokemon GO fans that the game is still new, thus it's expected to be upgraded sooner or later. That it's not even released fully, so it's only right for more contents or features to arrive.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Go as well as the upcoming Gen 2 update? Are you excited for the new bunch of Pokemon coming to the game? What are your expectations? Don't forget to share with us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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