Pokemon Go Guide: How To Play Pokemon Go On Rooted Device

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 19, 2016 05:16 AM EDT

Niantic has been withdrawing the support of Pokemon Go to the rooted Android devices previously. That means Pokemon Go will not be playable through these rooted phones. Thankfully, some good news for those fans who have rooted phones. You can now play the game even your phone is rooted by simply doing this simple trick.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, this trick will only work on Android versions 6 and up, assuming your device is clean and stock. If it is not yet stock, you should at least undo everything you have done. Always back up your files for pre-cautionary measures. Install the latest version of Material Design Xposed Installer. Then, flash your device using the latest SuperSU, followed by flashing the suhide to your phone. Next, is to flash Systemless Xposed v86.2, you would not be requiring Magisk this time.

The following steps will download the Snorlax module in Xposed (optional), connect your phone to a computer with adb, and open a terminal and type (without quotations) "adb devices". It is suggested to type sudo before typing adb. This is to verify if you are connected. After this step, you should be able to see your device listed, if not, you need to enable the developer and USB debugging options.

Next is to type (without quotations) "adb shell", it is again recommended to type sudo before adb. Then type su. You should see a # leading the line rather than a $. Lastly, type (without quotations) "echo '#!/su/bin/sush\nmount -o rw,remount rootfs /\nchmod 0751 /\nmount -o ro,remount rootfs /'>/su/su.d/06suhide; chmod 0700 /su/su.d/06suhide". Reboot your device and enjoy.

Based on the guide, you should note that if you used the trick above, you are required to have to rm /su /su.d/06suhide before mounting the updated version of suhide.

Happy hunting, trainers! More Pokemon Go guide coming soon.


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