'The Boss Baby' First Trailer Released; Alec Baldwin Forgoes Donald Trump Mockery To Lend His Voice To Dreamwork’s Armani-Outfitted Tot

Alec Baldwin has been getting much attention for his mockery of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live." As it turns out, the comedian would be the voice behind Dreamwork's new animated movie "The Boss Baby." The film centers on rivalries between siblings and between babies and pets.

Who Is "The Boss Baby"?

Based on the 2010 picture book "The Boss Baby" by Marla Frazee, the story is about how a baby takes over a family's world. But the story comes with a big twist -- the baby, just like Perry the Platypus in "Phineas and Ferb," turns out to be a man on a secret mission. The newest member of the family can talk, has a hidden stash of cash in his diapers, and is deployed to save the world from evil.

Baldwin, the voice behind the endearing character of Dreamwork's animated film, has been getting much attention for his mockery of Donald Trump on the show "Saturday Night Live." He takes a break from his impressions of the Republican candidate on this film to lend his voice to the adorable "Boss Baby."

"The Boss Baby" Inspiration And Plot

"Madagascar" director Tom McGrath explains the premise of "The Boss Baby" as a movie with a lovable baby who has "Alec Baldwin's voice coming out of him." Tim, the older brother, was jealous of the new baby in the family but they need to team up to destroy Puppy Co. CEO Francis E. Francis who plans to suck up the love supply in the world by introducing the cutest puppies.

While sibling rivalry may be the main theme of the movie, it is also about the babies and puppies competing over who is more endearing. McGrath revealed that the baby may be a sophisticated businessman but when things don't go his way, "he throws a fit" just like what any tyke would do. Overall, this is a family-oriented flick that is perfect for the whole family.

Given the number of R-rated films in cinemas such as "Sausage Party," a wholesome animated film for the entire family like "The Boss Baby" would definitely be a refreshing change. The film is scheduled for release in cinemas on March 31, 2017.

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