'Sausage Party' Lauded For Having ‘South Park's’ Satirical Flair; Seth Rogen’s Film Face Screening Cancellation, Controversies Over Unpaid Overtime

The R-rated CGI cartoon comedy "Sausage Party" received good reviews for delivering more than just a raunchy exchange onscreen. Some even liken the humor to Comedy Central's hit sitcom "South Park." Despite being a box office hit when it debuted in August and its redeeming reviews, there's still much controversy surrounding the adult film. Among these issues include the cancellation of a free screening of the film at the University of Nevada because of a scene that implied rape. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, there were complaints filed against the animation studio behind the film, Nitrogen Studios, for not paying its workers overtime pay.

"Sausage Party" Plot Details & Sensitive Topics

The animated movie is about how supermarket foods have an epiphany and realize that the humans they always wanted to go home with are monsters who will devour them. It follows the frankfurter named Frank and a bun named Brenda as they try to discover the reason for their existence. Characters are constantly cracking loaded jokes in the same way that the show "South Park" dishes out offensive language.

The audience follows a bun and a sausage on their journey and along the way, the audience meets the douche who sucks all the contents of a juice box in an effort to refill its life force. Based on reports, this is the "rape scene" that pushed the University of Nevada to cancel the free screening of the film.

Alleged Violations Of the Labor Code

Although it has been almost two months after the initial screening of the film, the studio behind it is under pressure as employees filed a complaint against the Employment Standards Branch. Unifor Local 2000 filed the complaint on Aug. 19 alleging that 30 animators were forced by Nitrogen Studios to work on the film and they did not receive the commensurate overtime pay.

Jennifer Moreau, Unifor's vice-president, voiced her gratitude towards ESB for taking the complaint seriously, especially since many animation companies based in Vancouver take animators for granted and don't provide their employees with overtime pay.

There are no reports on the response of the studio on this issue. Meanwhile, Rogen expressed interest in making a sequel and given the revenues generated by "Sausage Party," it's possible that supermarket foods will make their comeback on cinemas.

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