Nintendo NX Release Date: Reveal Is Only A Few Days Away, Says Analyst

The Nintendo NX big reveal might just be a few days away, according to a reliable analyst. The mysterious 2-in-1 console has been elusive so far, thus fans and industry observers are looking forward to Nintendo's official unveiling.

Takashi Mochizuki of Wall Street Journal, dubbed the leading analyst when it comes to anything Nintendo NX, has expressed that the Japanese company will finally unveil their next-generation console within the week. A Saturday reveal is unlikely, so that leaves Thursday and Friday.

"I guess all we can do is just wait. No announcement from company yet," he tweeted on Sunday.

Nintendo NX Might Be Revealed On Oct. 21

Incidentally, Oct. 21 marks the five-year anniversary of the first Direct presentation the company has ever had. There are strong suggestions that the gaming company will reveal the Nintendo NX at this time, but there are a lot of speculated dates at this point that it is getting harder to pinpoint which might be accurate.

The Nintendo NX might also be revealed next week on Oct. 26, when the company is set to hold an investors meeting. There is no evidence that supports this though, as an announcement as major as this is unlikely to happen in such a meeting. However, it is not entirely impossible.

Nintendo NX Expected Specs

Per Forbes, it is important to note that these are just rumors and speculations, but the internet already has a vague idea of what Nintendo NX will be. It is expected that the upcoming console will have 2-in-1 functions. It is widely believed that it will be both a home and a handheld console, which means that players will be able to connect it to TV or take the second screen with detachable controllers outside.

There are high expectations for the Nintendo NX following Wii U's major flop. The 2-in-1 feature is certainly intriguing, but it is unknown if it will be able to get Nintendo back in the race, in which it is lagging far behind the Microsoft and Sony.

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