Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Is Out, New Monsters Revealed

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 19, 2016 02:19 PM EDT

The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo is out and hackers just released information about new characters on the Pokedex. As more characters were unveiled, more features were discovered as well.

According to Game Spot, there will be 800 Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. One of which is Greninja that can become Ash-Greninja, which receives a boost in stats. It can be transferred to the actual game so those who played the demo can also use the Pokemon in the full version.

Nintendo also revealed all the new Pokemon in the latest generation. The full Pokedex, containing all Pokemon in Alola, have been leaked in the demo. There are a lot of features that have been leaked, sending the internet into a joyful celebration. 

Hackers are revealing that the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo had 3D images of Pokemon that have not yet been revealed. The demo also contains Alolan versions of some of the first generation Pokemon, such as Diglett, Dugtrio, Persian and the Geodude family.

According to Digital Trends, there are some who were disappointed that Nintendo did not focus much on other Alolan versions. No Pokemon from other generations appeared to have Alolan forms, but it is unknown if this is the case in the full version.

Additional information revealed by hackers is that the Alolan form of Meowth's evolution, Persian, will be on Pokemon Sun and Moon. There were other details discovered, but the hackers will not share any further data about the game because they want to retain the excitement of other gamers, according to VG247.

After the success of Pokemon GO, Pokemon Sun and Moon may be the second Pokemon title this year to become a massive hit. Nintendo recently announced that 2DS sales increased by 500 percent because of the excitement of players.

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