'Quantico' Season 2 News, Updates: Series To Be Canceled? Priyanka Chopra Rumored To Be Difficult On Set

"Quantico" has been gaining its fair share of following after a successful first season. However, there's no escaping the fact that there have been rumors that the show will be canceled. Aside from that, there's also talk that the lead star in the series, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, has an attitude problem.

"Quantico" Cancellation

ABC's top-rated drama thriller has been quite a hit during its first season and although the second season has its fair share of loyal viewers, it's not enough to prevent people from speculating that the series would be canceled.

The third episode of the series was not aired on Oct. 9 due to the coverage of the Presidential debate and it was moved to Oct. 16. However, this does not have any bearing on the cancelation of the show as the network had to make way for a special coverage. There's still no news of canceling the show, so it could be safe for now. There's news from Spoiler TV, however, that "Quantico" might be in danger based on its most recent ratings.

Priyanka Chopra's Rise to Fame

Being the lead star in "Quantico," Priyanka Chopra is slowly making a name for herself in the Hollywood industry. Among the hottest rumors from gossip sheets is that the Bollywood star's fame has gone to her head. Reports claimed that Chopra's attitude changed as she became more popular. The actress is reportedly acting like a prima donna and that she is berating scriptwriters of the show. Many of Chopra's fans are doubtful of these claims since the actress doesn't seem to have that kind of attitude. In Chopra's defense, ABC insiders debunk this rumor stating that Chopra is a "seasoned professional."

Currently, "Quantico" is scheduled to air Season 2 Episode 3 on Sunday, Oct. 16 and the hostage-taking drama will continue. As for the cancelation rumors, many believe that it is still too early to tell if the series is going to be canceled or not.

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