Eagle Flight VR Is Now Available For Oculus Rift

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 19, 2016 01:42 PM EDT
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Ubisoft's VR game Eagle Flight will be available for Oculus Rift users. The game will take the players into exploring of magical skies by wonderful eagles. Also, the game will be the official launching of the developer to the world of virtual reality.

Ubisoft's Eagle Flight Is Exactly For Oculus Rift

Ubisoft's Eagle Flight is set 50 years after the humans left the Earth and wildlife flora and fauna has taken over Paris. The player is an eagle that will explore Paris that will take the player to different historical sites, famous landmarks and streets around the city.

Ubisoft created Eagle Flight specifically as a title for VR headsets. Eagle Flight is basically an appropriate game for VR because it will maximize the purpose of VR headset and will provide fluid and accurate movement controls for the hardware. The player can feel like he is really flying. With this latest game, players can enhance their gaming skills in VR, according to DSO Gaming.

"Eagle Flight is a fantastic game for newcomers to VR and experienced players alike... For more seasoned players looking for a more intense experience, they can jump into the single player challenges or into a multiplayer match where they will have to expertly navigate the streets, skies and underground of Paris as they try to capture their prey and defeat their opponents," Patrick Plourde, Vice President of Fun House said.

With the help of Oculus Rift's gamepad and head-tracker, players will be able to enjoy Eagle Flight. The game will have single player and multiplayer choices and racing options for the players, in a report on The Gamers Drop.

According to  Destructoid, Eagle Flight is all about flying but with challenges and training Ubisoft has incorporated, VR experience is used wisely. The graphics are very realistic but some locations do not belong in Paris. But even if the game is a good example for VR, it does not work without an Oculus reviewer account.

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