Oculus Removes VR Support For Galaxy Note 7, Here's Why

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 13, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Oculus had just recently announced that they will be removing the virtual reality support for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 following the smartphone's recent controversy. It was previously reported that Samsung had halted their production for Galaxy Note 7 which caused some explosions while being used.

The current issue had caused safety concerns to their customers. In relation, a latest mod of the popular game Grand Theft Auto 5 was dedicated to Galaxy Note 7's explosion issue which had cost Samsung around $17 billion in the process.

According to Game Rant, owners of Note 7 whose phones have not yet experienced the current controversy also felt its effect. Now, Oculus had withdrawn their VR support for the smartphone specifically regarding Samsung's Gear VR headset and its compatible software. An email was sent by Oculus to the owners of Note 7 stating that refund is available for those who bought a unit in the Oculus Store while also adding that they will provide more details on the refund process soon.

Based on the FAQ for Note 7's Gear VR support, Oculus said that they will be ending the VR support for all Note 7 devices with Samsung Gear VR until further notice. Apparently, the smartphone is no longer featured on Gear VR which means getting the support back is still unclear. For Oculus, it would be a major obstacle in making people adopt virtual reality headsets.

Granting, a cheaper version of their Oculus Rift is underway. But, an expensive version is the only one available as to date. Oculus is also under heavy competition against the low-priced PlayStation VR. The Gear VR headset is the only way for Oculus to get into the gamers' heads. However, while the Gear VR is still available on the market, the current loss causing the company's adoption strategy is left hanging in the air.


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