‘Modern Family’ Season 8 News, Updates: Halloween Episode With Batman Costume Teased; Will ‘Castle’ Star Nathan Fillion Dress As Space Cowboy?

By Mandy Adams , Oct 19, 2016 03:20 PM EDT

With just a few more days before Halloween, more fans are looking for a sneak peek of “Modern Family” show to celebrate All Hallows' Eve. It turns out, “Modern Family” has indeed been preparing for Halloween. For the first time, they gave fans a chance to see their favorite characters alive. Aside from knowing what spooky things happen in Halloween, many viewers are asking whether the "Castle" actor would be in it and what he would be wearing.

“Modern Family” Halloween Teaser

In true Halloween fashion, the characters in the "Modern Family" season 8 are wearing a Batman & Robin costume. It turns out that the Halloween special entitled "Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook" is about Luke's party during All Hallow's Eve which doesn't turn out as he liked. Hence, the family enlists Rody Skyhook to add life to the party and this leads to numerous comedic scenes.

“Castle” Star Nathan Fillion’s Guesting

Among the biggest questions that fans have is if Nathan Fillion would be in the special episode and what would the "Castle" star be himself. Fans can remember that Fillion's character in "Castle" loved playing dress up. In one episode of "Castle," Fillion dons a space cowboy costume and it would be awesome to see him wearing something that reminds fans of his role as Rick Castle.

Based on the rumor mill, Fillion will appear in three episodes of the show. There's also talk that the actor will be in the Halloween special of "Modern Family." Based on a preview of the character he portrays in the comedy show, he will be the weatherman Rainer Shine.

On his role in "Modern Family" season 8, Fillion shared he was nervous to be in a show that he had admired for so long. He also admitted that his character, Mr. Shine, is quite vain much like his character Rick has been.

The Halloween special of "Modern Family" season 8 is set to air on Oct. 26 at 9/8c on ABC.

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