Overwatch Sombra Teased With A Glitch In Latest Update

Nothing happened when the amomentincrime counter hit 100 percent. It was previously believed that a huge Sombra hint or announcement will be made, but fans were disappointed that no major thing happened. However, Blizzard may just be prolonging the game. After the counter finished, a glitch was discovered in Overwatch that may be related to the hero.

Overwatch Sombra Teased Through A Glitch?

As reported by iDigitalTimes, a glitch in the Overwatch Hero Gallery changes the items that a hero has. This was discovered by the folks over at Reddit, who said that to come across the glitch, players must click the Hero Gallery option immediately after connecting in the start button screen.

Heroes such as D.va and Mercy had their number of items changed from 63 to 66 and 64 to 68 respectively. Reddit user TheOfficialMrBiggs detailed the changes in the thread.

Although the glitch does not lead straight to the awaited new Overwatch character, it is believed that this is a hint of the hacker Sombra's presence. As the report speculated, the changed item counts might be a code that is yet to be cracked.

Overwatch Sombra Release Date Soon

With this, it becomes clear that Overwatch Sombra is not arriving in the coming days. It seems Blizzard still wants to play and reel in more hype as if the current excitement for the character is not enough. Nevertheless, gamers expect that the hero will be launched in the coming weeks.

Fans are still in the blind when it comes to the release date of Overwatch's Sombra, but it is rumored that the devs will take advantage of BlizzCon 2016 to make the announcement.

BlizzCon 2016 takes place on Nov. 4 and 5. Blizzard can be expected to drop more hints and teasers in the days leading up to the annual event, although no one knows for sure if Sombra will indeed appear.

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