'Pokemon GO' Update: 'Gym Jacking' Players Are The Modern Day Jerks, Says Community

By Joyce Karlan S. Pike , Oct 19, 2016 04:31 PM EDT

Pokemon GO players from around the world are now encountering a new issue when they play the game. Surprisingly, it's not Niantic's fault this time. Players have claimed they've seen 'Next-level Gym Jerks' who use multiple accounts to kick out the bottom-tier Pokemon so they could replace it with theirs in 'stagnant gyms.'

'Gym Jacking' Is Now A Thing

This scenario was witnessed by a Pokemon GO trainer chilling at a lured Pokestop and there just happened to be a Level 10 Mystic gym nearby. The gym reportedly had four 1700-1900 CP Pokemon at the bottom while the rest had much higher CPs at 2000 - 3000. Although Niantic has forbidden multiple accounts, some guys with said accounts came by and started to kick out the lower level Pokemon.

After reducing 500 prestige from the gym through battle, they would then use the other account to train up the gym and place in their higher CP Pokemon. After a few minutes, they successfully replaced the bottom three Pokemon with their much higher 2000 CP Pokemon. The user said "it's not just asshole behavior" but they feel like these 'Gym Jackers' are abusing the gym system.

Faith In Niantic Not Restored

The players said either they were abusing the gym system, or everything Niantic has ever implemented so far is broken. Despite the players voicing out this annoying behavior to other players, they admit there might not be a lot Niantic could do regarding the matter - adding that they might screw things up anyway in the end.

This new issue introduced another problem, however, among Pokemon GO players. 'Gym Stagnation' have become a thing wherein it's almost annoyingly impossible for any players to survive taking over any gym. 'Gym Jackers' have been making multiple accounts left and right just so their chosen team gets to be at the top. Level 10 gyms have increased in number, the majority of which are Mystics, and guarded by several very high CP Dragonites.

Again, it's against Niantic's rules to have more than one account. Although these players can be reported, some Pokemon GO fans claimed that these reports are hard to prove as it could always be someone trying to get a person they don't like banned. Niantic needs to take action on this issue. To that end, they need to check every single report to ensure whether they're true or not, and this could take forever.

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