Pokemon GO Should Have A Halloween Event But We're Getting Disappointed With Useless Features Instead

Pokemon GO trainers all across social media platforms have been silently brooding over the total lack of any Halloween event from Niantic's popular "augmented reality game." So far, Niantic hasn't released any statement, whether they will be celebrating Halloween with a few seasoned bonuses and immersive Halloween-themed update or not. Frankly, they might not be able to do so as they might be dead-set busy on fixing and rolling out updates for Pokemon GO instead.

Pokemon GO's Halloween Event

We're past the halfway point leading to the end of the month and the celebration of Halloween, but Niantic hasn't released any seasonal events they'll plan to do during the day of the spooks, or the several weeks toward that. They've been rolling out useless updates instead. Fans have been sharing all their ideas across several social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more. And we're happy to share the best of the few.

Some of which are pretty standard - and quite necessary. They want their trainers to have more costumes than your standard Pokemon GO trainer gear. This could be from witches, to vampires, to werewolves, etc. Frankly, most of them don't care as long as they get to play dress up. I personally would suggest team-based costumes as these trainers will be ditching their usual reds, yellows and blues. Then again, Halloween is an opportune moment to promote unity.

Fans suggested Niantic should spawn more ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO during the Halloween event. Along with this, they might also consider adding candy bonuses for these ghost type Pokemon. They are pretty rare in the game.

Hear me out on this - Pokemon GO Buddy Costumes. Not bad, right? Don't you want to see your Pikachu on your shoulder wearing a witch hat? Or Snorlax wearing a yeti onesie. Or Charizard wearing cat ears? The possibilities are endless!

What Are Niantic's Plans On Seasonal Events?

So far, Niantic's seasonal event would only composed of non-seasonal themed gameplay. They teased about releasing the legendary birds that could only be acquired in seasonal events but that's about it. No plans for Halloween - or even Christmas, have been heard from them. Possibly because the battle against Pokemon GO's issues and lack of engaging features is a constant one.

So, some users took  it upon themselves to plan Pokemon GO events on their own. A few suggestions include replacing all Pokemon Gym leaders to Zubats, Golbats, and Ghost-type Pokemon and wait until everyone catches on. Some might plan Pokemon GO Halloween parties in real-life, who knows?

Either way, everybody is wishing that Niantic would go with the trend and implement a Halloween event. Most games today have gone live with theirs. (Overwatch) We can worry about Christmas later.

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