'Marco Polo' Season 3 Updates: Kublai Khan To Die In Upcoming Season; Low Budget Delaying Production?

By Marion Villareal , Oct 19, 2016 04:26 PM EDT

Reports on cancellation of Netflix original series "Marco Polo" has resurfaced the world of the internet for months now, and it still hasn't been confirmed nor denied up to this date. Nevertheless, if and when it comes to light, the upcoming storyline of its third season has been teased and speculated.

"Marco Polo" Season 3 To Focus On Hundred Eyes And His Backstory

There have been speculations that the upcoming "Marco Polo" season three is going to put the spotlight on the character Hundred Eyes (Tom Wu) who has been the mentor and trainer of Marco Polo. When the series began, he was already introduced as Marco Polo's trainer which resulted to Kublai Khan kidnapping him and threatening him to be the one to train his men. However, he refused and tried to escape but was then caught by Kublai Khan's army, thus resulting to Hundred Eyes becoming the new Mongol Khanate Minister of Martial Arts.

Kublai Khan To Die In Upcoming Season, Benedict Wong Not Returning?

This has then led to the speculations that there could be a lot of focus on his character in the upcoming season. As for Kublai Khan, when abused on the real history books, he dies in battle. This has then led to the allegations that his character will die in the upcoming "Marco Polo" season three. Actor Benedict Wong has been rumoured not to reprise his role as Kublai Khan if the series returns for its third season.

The delay of the announcement on its official release date has led to the fans believing that the show has been cancelled by Netflix. It is no secret that "Marco Polo" has the most expensive production cost and since the ratings are not as high as expected, this will allegedly lead to its cancellation. However, there hasn't been any official announcement yet made by the network or the series' executive producers. The series may also just be picked up by another network if Netflix doesn't renew it.

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