'Attack On Titan' Season 2 News And Updates: New Season Gets April 2017 Release Date

By Marion Villareal , Oct 19, 2016 05:41 PM EDT
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The much-awaited "Attack on Titan" season two will already be released on 2017 and with a few months away from its release, fans have continually come up with speculations and teasers in its upcoming storyline.

Eren On A Quest To Discover Himself In Upcoming "Attack On Titan" Season 2

The fans of "Attack on Titan" anime series have long been waiting for this moment for almost three years now, since the first installment of the series. Now that the second season of the series has already been confirmed to resume on April, the fans have come up with possible storylines ever since. For one, Eren will be on journey to find himself and discovers that he himself is also a Titan.

Zeke, The Beast Titan, Is Actually Eren's Half Brother

Upon his quest to self-discovery, he indeed finds out information about his life that will lead to drastic changes in his life. For one, in the first episode, it has been alleged that he will find out Zeke is actually his brother which will then result to him contemplating about his life. Zeke has been known as the Beast Titan and discovering their relations could alter his life and perspective forever.

His journey will lead him to discover that when he was young, his father has injected him with a serum that could ultimately turn him into a Titan. His real reasons for joining the Survey Corps will also come to light in "Attack of Titan" season two. It has been speculated that he has his own mission in joining the team and it shall then be discovered.

Eren Joins Survey Corps To Unravel Secrets About The Titans

Eren tries to reach the basement of the Survey Corps, in hopes of unraveling a secret about the Titans. However, his journey towards it will not be easy. In fact, he may have to accomplish missions that will allow him to enter the basement, let alone reach it in the first place.

Discovering the truth about Zeke will result in a clash between the two, which could ultimately be the major plot of the upcoming "Attack on Titan" season two. "Attack on Titan" season two is expected to be released by April 2017.

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