Clash Royale Tips: How To Reach Arena 9, The Legendary Arena

Clash Royale community is definitely ballooning as the game now has a verified 50 million downloads in Android and 75 million downloads in the iOS platform. And as the population grows, then so does the competition in the arenas.

Reaching the Legendary Arena league is indeed a feat to be achieved but it's not an impossible dream. Today, we'll be talking about the 2 essential tips to help you overcome the arena 8 barrier and set foot on the realm of the Legendaries.

Tip 1 - Legendary Chest

Arguably the best and most efficient choice of spending your gems is to purchase the Legendary Chest which appears in the Shop for at least once a month. The Legendary Chest costs 500 gems that ensures a legendary card. Take note that a level 1 legendary card is equivalent to a level 4 epic which is also roughly the same as a level 7 rare.

You will need to accumulate as many legendary cards as possible in order to compete on the high tier arenas. If you want to overcome your opponent with brute force, acquiring legendary cards is the fastest way to do so. This just shows how valuable a legendary card is.

And since you'll be focusing on getting the legendary chest, which sometimes appear multiple times in the shop, it's imperative that you save up as much gems as possible. In order to do so, you should be active enough to at least open your Free and Crown Chests everyday which will net you around 6 - 20 gems daily.

Tip 2 - Upgrades

Another essential factor for you to reach Legendary Arena is to properly make efficient upgrades on your cards. If you're a free-to-play player, then you must be wise and effective with your card upgrades as it'll be the key to winning your games. And since you need gold to upgrade your cards, proper Gold management is vital to reach Legendary Arena.

In order to maximize your upgrade, you must focus FIRST on your most used cards. Note that for you to know which card to focus, you must have your own strategy and deck builds. Note that all your upgrades must revolve around your main deck. Focus on 1 deck build and raise all of your cards' level to tournament cap. This will give you the edge over your opponent. Take note that when all of your cards are at tournament level cap, your opponent will have a hard time playing against you despite his build being a direct counter to your deck.


Get as much legendary cards as possible and maximize your use with your gold. Focus on a certain build and reach tournament cap on your deck. Once you follow these two tips then you're on your way to Legendary Arena! Good luck!

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