Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: Best Super Combo Duos

Clash Royale keeps on evolving at a fast rate especially with how the rate of its community ballooning over the past months. As a result, arena competition has become even tight and tougher; new strategies kept on sprouting every now and then and you see a lot of the top players are continually updating their strategies.

If you are hoping to secure a top spot across your ladder, then you must apply several Clash Royale strategies in your game to overpower your opponent. After the recent update, combo duos are now highly effective against wearing down your opponent as you deal the finishing blow. Today, we'll be giving you the best combo duos in the current meta.


One of the best Clash Royale units in the current meta is the giant skeleton. The goal of the unit is for it to die near the tower. Basically, the giant skeleton carries a bomb with him which he then drops and explodes after death. This bomb deals an insane amount of damage to a tower, making the giant skeleton an effective siege unit. The downside is that this unit can easily be distracted by the troops that are deployed by your opponent. The best counter for this move is to deploy mass troops like skeleton army and barbarians which can easily clear out the path for the giant skeleton's path.


Arguably the best Clash Royale duo combo in the current meta, the Golem and Balloon/Goblin Barrel can provide the highest damage output of any combos out there (if done correctly). The goal for this composition is for the golem to attract and soak all the damage from towers and troops and deploy the slow moving, high dps units (balloons/goblin barrel) to dish out the finishing blow.


Another effective but risky Clash Royale combo is the wizard and minions composition. If left uncheck, this duo combo can obliterate the base of your enemy in a matter of seconds. Minions are squishy but the group itself is one of the game's highest dps cards. They can destroy any tower in a matter of seconds but a swarm of minions can easily be cleared with a fireball or wizard, which is why using a wizard card will counteract this effect. Minions need a good support in order to roam around the field, in this current patch, wizard is one of the most effective pairs for this card.

Here are more Clash Royale tips for the beginner:

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