Sweaty Armpits? Science Finds Ways To Deal With Irritating, Embarrassing Condition

In our day to day activities, sweat is an inevitable factor that we will meet. A never-ending sweat especially from the armpits and forehead, are, well, embarrassing. However, more than the discomfort, a dermatology expert says that it can sometimes be a signal of having other skin problems.

Recently, Dr. Jenny Eileen Murase, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center said that a lot of people who normally secretes sweat excessively do not realize the fact that they might already be having a treatable medical condition known as hyperhidrosis; thinking that it is just normal bodily activity.

According to CBS News, Murase revealed in the American Academy of Dermatology news release that if a person sweats too much, then considering a board-certified dermatologist's advice won't hurt. Dermatologists are one of the few experts fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise in the diagnosis and the best treatment for the said condition.

The International Hyperhidrosis Society claims that the first line of defense to fight against excessive underarm sweating is to use antiperspirants. When asked, most physicians suggest the mildest formulations to begin with. These are usually bought over the counter, but if desired relief is not obtained, you can work your way up to the stronger clinical components and if still not working, seek an expert's advice. The recent rise to fame of certain clinical strength antiperspirants have been found to provide the same consistency when it comes to sweat management but one good thing about it is that it can lead to a much less irritation as compared to its counterparts.

Furthermore, Murase has added that if you're feeling anxious and uncomfortable, it is just as important to talk to a dermatologist so that proper treatment could be given as soon as possible to control the sweating and improve the quality of life.

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