Nintendo Switch Official Trailer: 3 Big Flaws That Might Compromise The Console's Success

Nintendo has finally revealed the Nintendo Switch! Yes, it's not called Nintendo NX. With Nintendo finally revealing it, critics and fans were both excited and were also quick to point out the "hybrid" console's possible flaws.

According to Forbes, almost everything that the fans and critics thought what the Nintendo Switch would be (courtesy of the leaks), it was pretty much accurate. The article also states that it was what Nintendo should do with its console.

Specs And Features

The Nintendo Switch lets you "switch" between mobile and stationary gaming. You simply slide the switch into the "Switch Dock" and it connects to your TV. If you don't want to connect it to your TV, you can simply slide the Switch out of the Dock. The switch can be played in hand, or set down with a kickstand and played with a regular controller.

In another article at, it states that the Nintendo Switch's gaming experience is also supported by fully customized software, including a revamped physics engine, new libraries, advanced game tools and libraries. It really is vastly different compared to its competitors.

But critics and fans alike were concerned about what could be the console's "possible" flaws. Here are some of them:

Weak battery life - Playing as a handheld device could be a problem because of its large screen. Handheld consoles with large screens tend to eat away battery life quickly.

Losing parts of the console - The Nintendo Switch has features that let you remove and connect some of its parts. One feature could be the playing of multiplayer games using one console only. If one of the parts is destroyed or lost, is it repairable, replaceable or you do you need to buy another Nintendo Switch?

Multiplayer controls - Again with multiplayer games, you can use one console to play with people. With the controllers being too small, are there enough buttons for functionality? Is it comfortable to use for people with large hands?

Split-screen - There is no information if Nintendo Switch lets players play split-screen mode. But if it was, how well will it play when not connected to the TV? Well, the Nintendo Switch screen is big for a console, but for TV it's nowhere near it and it could be a problem if players decide to play a split-screen mode.

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