Nintendo NX Reveal To Happen Next Week, Price To Be Disappointing?

Nintendo NX to be finally revealed next week! But with that announcement, people are also intrigued about the "console's major disappointment with the volume series."

With multiple sources talking about the reveal coming out soon, it really looks that the long wait of video game and Nintendo fans is finally over, and many of them are excited. French journalist William Audureau, who works for Le Monder, posted on Twitter and talked about the Nintendo NX reveal happening next week.

About the console's major disappointment with volume sales, the company said that the price point is being considered as a way to keep in line with competing consoles, which is why it will retail between $300 to $350. The Nintendo NX is also to be a console/mobile hybrid.

There is no solid information as of now, but some claim that there are leaks about the said device. In a written article at Shack News, it says that the Nintendo NX will not probably outperform PS4 or the Xbox Scorpio. The Nintendo NX is also said to be on par with PS4. About the console itself, there is no idea what it will look like or how does it work. All we know is that it is a console/mobile hybrid.

As for the games to be released, 20 games are currently in development, and Nintendo has not shared all of the NX's "gimmicks" with the developers yet. There is also solid information or confirmation of classic game series such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Pokemon will be included, according to NDTV.

Considering how Pokemon is such a big hit with mobile apps right now and Nintendo NX being a console/mobile hybrid, there is a very high chance that some kind Pokemon game will be included. About the price, there is no exact amount, only estimates. People are even wondering about the "console's major disappointment with volume series."

After all, Nintendo has recently been pricing its consoles for the budget market. This was one of the reasons behind the Wii's immense success. If the NX adopts the same strategy, Nintendo might make a killing with the upcoming hybrid console's sales. Otherwise, it would most likely be crippled by its price. 

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