Nintendo Switch Looks Great But Major Concerns May Pose An Even Larger Threat

The long wait is finally over as Nintendo officially unveiled its newest system, the Nintendo Switch - a hybrid between a console and a mobile platform that seemingly takes your games on the go; wherever and whenever. The official trailer showcased all of the possible uses of the device; a hand-held tablet that can dock into the console itself which enables the user to connect the device onto a TV, enabling it to be used both as a mobile and a console device.

The design looks amazingly sleek and smooth - a pair of two controller nubs can be attached and detached depending on your activity; plus the ability to take your console games on the go is pretty much enthralling. It wouldn't come to a surprise that in the future, we might be seeing groups of teens playing co-ops together as they bring out their mobile console device.

Nintendo has once again revolutionized mobile gaming with their newest flagship but as always, new technologies don't come without probable drawbacks. Based on the 3-minute video, you can clearly see the possible threats that are looming for the upcoming system.

Nintendo Switch Specs and Video Performance

One of the major concerns about the Nintendo Switch is its graphical performance. As many would have expected, the Switch is certainly a far-cry in comparison to the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Project Scorpio which are fully capable of an HDR and 4K support. But don't get me wrong, we all know that visuals aren't everything but take note that a lot of developers in the past have abandoned the Wii U in favor of the PlayStation and Xbox platforms for the very reason of hardware capabilities.

If the Nintendo Switch fails to deliver the desired minimal requirements for next gen games, then we will just be seeing a recurrence of the Wii U tragedy. Of course, Nintendo can still make amends depending on their next steps prior to the system's official debut.

Nintendo Switch Controllers and Battery

Another major concern for the upcoming system is the two controller nubs which can be a problem for some people with larger hands. The detachable controllers seem to be significantly small which can also affect certain games such as the likes of FPS. Thankfully, the full-size controller seem to be just fine which closely resembles the Xbox One controllers.

Lastly, the pivotal aspect of the system that will decide its failure or success relies heavily on its battery life. The core feature of the Nintendo Switch is its ability to take games "on the go" but if the battery life is dubious then it wouldn't be any good from a console platform - which currently, Nintendo has no way of winning over. Remember how Nintendo Wii U has greatly suffered from its pitiful battery lifespan which basically ruined the reputation of the device. Let's just hope that Nintendo has learned from its past mistakes and will deliver a significant change with their upcoming system.

I believe that if Nintendo will play their cards correctly, they can even outplay its longtime rivals, Microsoft and Sony. Despite the device's lack of VR and HDR feature, it still manages to par against PlayStation and Xbox with its mobile capability which may attract more than a hefty fans in the market.

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