Is Nintendo NX The Next Big Flop?

Nintendo has been the epicenter for unnerving gossips and talks for the past months following the company's reticence about the upcoming NX. The said device has been filled with rumors and speculations but neither was confirmed nor for the very least, sparked a response from Nintendo.

As a result, the devoted Nintendo NX fans are alienated even further as the hopes for buying the upcoming device is being clouded with mystery. With the upcoming release of PlayStation Pro and Xbox Project Scorpio, it seems that the situation is becoming bleaker for Nintendo as it strides to even show let alone compete with the other two consoles.

Recent leaks have shown the high possibility that the Nintendo NX is a console and mobile hybrid where it can be plugged onto your TV and becomes a console and can also be ported out and be taken as your mobile device. This feature 'could' be a deal-breaker to some as it can merge two platforms in the same device, making your console games virtually on the go.

But since Nintendo has been tight-lipped with the Nintendo NX, fans are still flustered whether the device will even stand on its ground or will it become a total flop. But Macquarie has stated that regardless of which, the outcome will still be inevitable and the reveal will just worsen the effects.

Macquarie Cuts Nintendo To Neutral

Macquarie, a global investment bank and financial services group, has cut Nintendo's share to a downright neutral rating from its previous Outperforming rating. The move was made due to the fact that the general public are most likely disinterested for the Nintendo NX entirely. According to the firm: "A long-in-the-works revamp to the company's consoles -- the NX, with reveal coming next week -- is liable to come at a price that will result in a "major" disappointment for volume sales."

The company's move to mobile gaming (Super Mario Run) has also seemed to miss its opportunity as well upon their decision to release the app exclusively for Apple at the beginning of its release although recent news have said that the app will be available for android in the future.

What do you think of Nintendo NX? Will it be the next big flop? Are you in line with Macquarie's defensive measures?


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