Nintendo Switch News: Nintendo's Market Value Share Spiked By 1 Billion USD Upon The Reveal Of Its Console-Handheld Hybrid

The Nintendo Switch reveal yesterday was truly something that made fans young and old hold on to the edge of their seats. Nintendo's upcoming console-handheld hybrid was definitely in a rollercoaster ride of news, updates, rumors and everything else, just to pique the waiting fans' interest. And with the recent Nintendo Switch reveal, the confusing rumors will finally die down. We all know what it looks like, finally. And we are yet to find out the Switch's price, specs, features, and exact release date.

The unveiling of Nintendo Switch (famously called Nintendo NX before) did not only affect the gaming community longing for a new Mario or Zelda game but also Nintendo's shares. In a way, it's good for both ends.

Nintendo Shares

Nintendo's shares have been reported to soar ahead of the official Nintendo Switch reveal. According to Bloomberg, shares have surged as much as 4.6 percent in Tokyo. This means that it just added $1 billion to Nintendo's market value.

Hideki Yasuda, Ace Research Institute Analyst, told Bloomberg, "The reveal comes relatively late for a game console that is slated to go on sale in March. It has to be sufficiently different from Wii U and deliver on Nintendo's promise of a completely new concept device."

Nintendo Switch Reveal

As we all remember, Nintendo has kept mum about the so-called Nintendo NX but only confirmed the existence of the upcoming console in March 2015 by the then President, Satoru Iwata. He described that the mysterious machine is a "brand new concept."

True to their words, the Nintendo Switch certainly did live up to its hype - being a console-handheld hybrid. From the looks of their very first trailer, Switch combines home console and portable into one single unit. So those games you play at home and those you play on the go will now have a shared game library. And yes, the not-so mysterious machine will be launched March 2017 along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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