Dream Match: AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels Already Being Discussed

Dream Match: AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels
Two of the greatest wrestlers of all time will possibly meet in this years Royal Rumble. Photo : WrestletalkTV / YouTube

WWE is ushering to a new era of superstars. They already made a bold move in bringing talents from all over the world. Talents such as the NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, and the current WWE World Champion, AJ Styles.

A lot of fans are again trying to play the "What if" game. What if Stone Cold Steve Austin will return and fight against CM Punk or Dean Ambrose. What if The Rock comes back and face The Cerebral Assassin, The Game, Triple H at Wrestlemania. And lastly, What if The Showstopper himself, HBK unretires and face the Phenomenal One and reigning WWE World Champion, AJ Styles.

Ever since AJ Styles posted an edited pic of him facing Shawn Michaels, the wrestling world come unglued. This is one of the dream match every wrestling fan is waiting for. Shawn Michaels retired after losing to Undertaker in Wrestlemania XXVI. He made a promise that he will never ever wrestle again. But things change when we saw HBK together with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley, taking on the League of Nations in this years Wrestlemania.

On the other hand, AJ Styles is very vocal in facing The Showstopper. The Phenomenal One admitted that he used to study HBK's offensive arsenal and tried to do it when he was still starting in the business. AJ Styles in-ring ability is not like Shawn Michaels but both of them are very equal. The two decorated superstars can take the fight either to the mat and make it technical wrestling or they can show their aerial assault by jumping off the top rope.

AJ Styles vs Shawn Michaels for the WWE World Championship. The title alone gives me chills down to my spine. This fight will have the opportunity to be the greatest wrestling match we'll ever see. Better than Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat and better than The Rock vs Stone Cold. Both of them have the uncanny and unique charisma that can captivate audience with a single move and word.

Yes, Shawn Michaels might have aged but he still is in good shape. I can't see any rustiness on his movement when he delivered Sweet Chin Music against the League of Nations. AJ Styles is also 40 but there are no signs of stopping this once in a lifetime performer. If WWE truly hears what the fans want, then they should book this already. Regardless who will be the heel, this will be an instant classic and hit.

Remember when I said HBK is already retired? Well, same goes with Goldberg. He retired mid year of 2004 and vowed never to wrestle again. After 12 long years, The Man is back and he'll face Brock Lesnar in a Wrestlemania rematch. If they were able to convince one of the most stubborn wrestlers of all time to go back in the ring then, there will be no problem in convincing Shawn to lace those boots again.

The Phenomenal One AJ Styles vs The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels, who do you got? For now, let's watch a video simulation about these two wrestlers fighting each other.

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