Pokemon GO Update: Winter Affects Players; Talks Of Users Quitting Surfaces

By Joyce Karlan S. Pike , Oct 23, 2016 09:07 PM EDT

The winter season is coming and has come for some and several Pokemon GO players who are now experiencing the freezing weather when they go outside to hatch some eggs or catch some Pokemon. However, some of these frozen places are just too harsh to tread that trainers would rather get back inside their house. We look at some of the players and how the winter weather affects their Pokemon GO experience.

Talks Of Some Players Quitting Surfaces

The holidays are coming and with it, the harsh winter weather that makes everyone want to crawl up in bed and hibernate. The same thing could be said about the Pokemon GO trainers who wish to continue to play the game as they have for the past four months, but unfortunately, can't due to the harsh winter weather. The freezing cold weather makes it impossible for them to stay outside longer than 10 - 15 minutes much less cross the door's threshold with several inches of snow blocking your way.

This is how the day goes for one Reddit user who wanted to catch Pokemon and hatch some eggs but couldn't because of the thick layer of snow covering their whole place. After posting pictures of it on Reddit, talks of quitting from other players have surfaced. But they admitted that the main reason is the rate Pokemon GO is going and the winter season just added another factor for quitting.

Some Players Still Find Ways To Play

Dedicated Pokemon GO trainers, however, are still finding and sharing ingenious ways to play the game despite the biting cold. On thick snow, players have suggested they use cross country skis to hatch some eggs. Some users finds the winter weather a plus since they find their phones are not overheating anymore.

Meanwhile, skiers are finding that snow resorts have a lot of Poke Stops and Gyms and that riding lifts are great ways to hatch some eggs. Those who don't have touch screen gloves have shared that cutting holes in their standard old gloves to expose skin works too. These dedicated Pokemon GO players even claimed that the winter time and snow is going to separate the Poke Masters from the Trainers.

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