Pokemon GO Gets Latest Update, New Features Revealed

By Alvin Elfwine , Oct 24, 2016 04:00 AM EDT
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Just recently, Niantic announced the release of a new update to Pokemon GO. Unlike the previous ones, the new patch included a good number of features -- each making the hit mobile game a little bit more interesting. This is definitely what most players have been hoping for. Here's what it's all about.

According to Otakukart, Pokemon GO has been updated to its latest version, which is 0.43.3. The latter, though, refers to the game's version in the Android platform. As for iOS users, the title received the so-called version 1.13.3. It's worth noting that the update arrived to the mobile devices at the same time.

This update, as what the Pokemon GO community believes, means that the studio cares for the whole player pool. In the past, which is not really a surprising fact, many have already criticized the company for being not too generous with features. Now, with the aforementioned update, it seems the devs have finally given the fans what they've always wanted.

The Pokemon GO Egg, in particular, will now be able to determine the certain KM it offers or requires. Players, obviously, just need to look at them, as these eggs vary from one another. This is absolutely a must have, as it's a feature that comes very handy. It should also be noted that the eggs have different pattern, all of which depend on the distance it'll require players for hatching.

Apart from the above mentioned feature, Pokemon GO monsters now have icons. These can be seen on the information screen, which players can easily access on their respective devices. While this doesn't change the gameplay much, it's still a worthy addition -- adding a fresh peripheral to the game.

The Pokemon GO update also covered the wearable tech called Pokemon GO Plus. Unlike in the past, it now has a battery indicator. As the name of the feature suggests, it'll help players determine if their device needs charging or not. Furthermore, the studio included a couple of minor fixes for texts.

What are your thoughts on the newly arrived Pokemon GO update? What about on the brand new features introduced? Any other features you were hoping to have been included? Be sure to share with us what you think at the comment section below!

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