These 5 Pokemon GO Creatures Are Evolving Once Gen 2 Arrives

Pokemon Go Update: How Will Eevolution Work On Gen 2?
Pokemon Go Update: How Will Eevolution Work On Gen 2? Photo : Vidello Productions/YouTube

The Pokemon GO Gen 2 hype is real! Yes, that's right. Reports after reports are stating its arrival next year, along with new Pokemon being introduced. And to snowball this hype into a bigger one, we're going to show you the top 5 creatures that are getting evolved as soon as the aforesaid update comes. So yeah, buckle your seatbelt, as we take you for a ride in this hype train. And oh, don't forget -- start saving your candies now!

Bellossom In Pokemon GO Gen 2

Most Pokemon GO players know that Bellossom is an evolved creature from Gloom. The latter, on the other hand, came from Oddish. Chances are, since it's a third stage evolution of sort, players will have to acquire at least a total of 100 Oddish candies so as to start the process. So if I were you, I'll start hoarding those sweets by now. It's better to be ready than not.

Crobat In Pokemon GO Gen 2

Crobat, without a doubt, is among the highly talked about Pokemon GO evolved creature in Gen 2 update. Why? Well, probably because it looks like a bat? Kidding aside, this Pokemon here will be a third stage evolution similar to the one mentioned above. Those Zubats will surely be a thing in the past, but of course, only if you own 100 candies. Remember, for now, it's the most suitable amount of candies needed for third-stage evo.

Espeon In Pokemon GO Gen 2

Looks like the love of Pokemon GO players for Eevee just doesn't die, eh? Espeon, needless to say, is among the said Pokemon's evolutions. And take note: it's just one of the many -- some of which are Flareon, Vapereon and Jolteon. For now, though, it remains a mystery if this specie here will require a certain number of candies or whatnots. Or perhaps, it'll require players to do some tricks in order to obtain. Who knows really, right? Niantic plays the god in this game anyway. (Oh, have you heard about the rumors regarding a Steel type Eevee?)

Hitmontop In Pokemon GO Gen 2

Just when you think Pokemon GO couldn't get any better, the thought of the Gen 2 update introducing Hitmontop just arrives right off the bat. In its most organic form, it's the second stage evolution of Tyrogue, which -- ironically -- isn't part of Gen 1. As of this writing, many are still debating if Tyrogue will first arrive via the second update just so players can acquire Hitmontop. Or maybe, just maybe, it'll have something to do with the other two evolutions -- Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Well, either way, you definitely need to look forward to this. You want a Pokemon that knows how to kick some badassery in gym battles. Right? Of course, right!

Kingdra In Pokemon GO Gen 2

It's really a sin not to include Kingdra in this Pokemon GO Gen 2 list. For me, personally, the Pokemon's name is just way too cool. It's one of the most awesome Pokemon name I've heard by far (Slowpoke is my second bet). Kingdra is basically an evolution of Seadra, which is an evo of Horsea. So, if that's the case, it's possible that you'll have to have at least 100 candies in order to jump up.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO Gen 2 update? Are you also excited for its arrival next year? What can you say about the list as well as their respective candy requirements? Tell us what you think at the comment section below! 

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