Heroes Of The Storm Global Championship Bigger and Better

For those who have been waiting for the announcement, Blizzard has already unveiled the details of the 2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship. The announcement revealed that the coming eSports tournament will be bigger and better than the ones in the past.

The Heroes of the Storm Global Competition has a new structured series of contests this year and will feature the eight best teams from all over the world coming from Europe, China, North America, and Korea. These include Qualifiers, Clashes, two Crucibles, and a mid-season Brawl.

The Qualifiers for North America and Europe will begin this year right after the BlizzCon. Some of the team who already confirmed their participation include FNatic, Astral Authority, Denial eSports, and Dignitas. These Qualifiers will determine who gets to occupy the six slots in North America and Europe.

In Korea, the teams who have already confirmed were MVP Black and Ballistix. Their final six slots will be filled via special tournaments. Meanwhile, the teams who will make up the China team will be the chosen from the winners of the upcoming Gold League.

The regular HGC season begins when all four regions find their respective eight teams. There will be a prime time livestream for the weekly battles that will happen in each region. After five weeks, the top three teams from each region will have exhibition matches with representative teams from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, and Latin America. These exhibition matches will take place two times within the season.

The Mid-season Brawl, which will occur in May and June, will pit the Top 12 teams against each other to claim the $250K prize money. The best teams from each region will earn them a pass to the Brawl while the rest of the slots will be filled via playoffs. After the Mid-season Brawl, the ranking will be reset and the best teams will have to battle again in weekly matches and Clashes until they reach the final battle which will happen in Nov. 2017.

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