'Overwatch' Update, News: No More Limitations in Brawls? First Ever Overwatch Tournament Announced

Fans of the popular first-person shooter game Overwatch have been complaining for quite a while that there has been much restrictions in its brawls which somehow removes the fun. Overwatch developers might have heard it because they've decided on making some few tweaks to remove the limitations.

Overwatch developer Blizzard have taken note of all the players' complaints and decided to make some updates to address these limitations. This was confirmed by the Overwatch game director himself, Jeff Kaplan, who posted the announcement in a forum for gamers. He also assured Overwatch fans that the changes will roll out either in fall or early winter.

Kotaku reports that last week for example, players were forced to have brawls only in an Eichenwalde map because it is new. Another restriction was during the sports-mode brawl called Lucioball.

Other restrictions include the brawl for this week, Tanks A Lot. Players are a little frustrated because the brawl is only limited between Genji and Hanzo. That means those who have taken other characters are forced to play support or just opt for female characters.

In fairness to the game, not all the brawls in Overwatch are restricted. In Arcade mode, for example, players can battle without restrictions. They also have the ability to cool down much more quickly in that mode as well as lightning speed and double health.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that South Korea will host the first ever Overwatch tournament that will start on October 7 and will last until December. This is also the first tournament which is officially licensed by Blizzard.

The Overwatch tournament will have 28 teams competing against each other for a total prize of 200 million won or US$177,000. It is organized by CJ E&M Corporation Esports Broadcaster and Tournament Organizer OGN. The said event will be hosted by Erik "DoA" Lonnquist and Christopher "MonteCristo Mykles.

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