Overwatch PTR Update: Symmetra, Torbjorn - Next Characters Up For Tweaking

By Benjie Batanes , Oct 25, 2016 05:28 AM EDT

The Overwatch PTR is currently underway. But characters such as Symmetra and Torbjorn are due for rebalancing in the game.

Overwatch Game Director On Symmetra, Torbjorn

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan informed players in the official game forum that the next players up for rebalancing are Symmetra and Torbjorn. Overwatch players who are also fans of Symmetra complained that the character is underpowered. Her abilities in the game are so powered down that she is easily overpowered by other heroes. Torbjorn on the other hands seems to be the complete opposite. A lot of Overwatch players like him especially his ability to construct turrets to ambush unsuspecting heroes, according to the official Overwatch site.

Overwatch Symmetra, Torbjorn PTR Update

There has been some PTR update with regards to Torbjorn. One of his upgrades includes the automatic regeneration of scrap. His Forge Hammer attack speed is now 25 percent faster. He also received some downgrade that includes a 40 percent decrease in the total scrap scavenged from dead enemy heroes. His Forge Hammer's damage has also been decreased by at least 27 percent.

Surprisingly, Symmetra has not yet received any changes in the ongoing PTR. Kaplan mentioned that the adjustments for the character have taken longer than anticipated which is the possible reason for the delay. He did confirmed though that Symmetra is going to receive some well deserve adjustments. Currently, she is one of the least used heroes in the game.

Overwatch Players Wonder About Widowmaker

Many Overwatch players applaud Kaplan and his team's effort to keep the game balanced. The characters are constantly monitored and adjusted. Unfortunately, some of the adjustments did not have the desired effect. For example, Widowmaker was one of the most dangerous heroes in the game. However, Widowmaker has lost much of her lethality after the Blizzard nerf. Hopefully the ongoing PTR results will convince the Overwatch developer to readjust her abilities again.

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