Square Enix Wants To Bring More Dragon Quest Games To The West

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 25, 2016 11:15 AM EDT

Square Enix wants to create more Dragon Quest games that will be brought in the western part of the globe. The developer aims to share the joy and excitement of playing its beloved game. 

Dragon Quest's Expansion To The West

Noriyoshi Fujimoto, producer of Dragon Quest Builders, said that Square Enix is very enthuiastic to create more games under its famous role-playing game (RPG) and will export it to other parts of the world besides Asia, according to IGN

Dragon Quest is "not as well known in the west as we would like, [the franchise] really plays an epoch making role in the console gaming history," said Fujimoto on why Square Enix is planning to intorduce Dragon Quest to the west.

According to iDigital Times, Square Enix has already introduced two Dragon Quest games to the west, namely the Dragon Quest Builders for PS4 and Dragon Quest VI for Nintendo 3DS. However, the games have not met the same success it did with the asian consumers.

Dragon Quest games are perfect example of RPG that will give players different experience when it comes to quest and accessibility that is why the franchise is very different and fascinating in its own field. Square Enix is very positive that players who love adventures will embrace the franchise.

Dragon Quest Games Availability On Other Gaming Consoles

Aside from the decision of Square Enix to bring Dragon Quest franchise to the west, the developer also promised its fans to wait for something exciting with the upcoming Dragon Quest XI. The new game offer will soon be available to Playstation 4, Nintendo 3Ds and the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

This might be a sound plan if Square Enix is aiming to make a mark in the global gaming field as markets from the west come with huge number of possible consumers. If this move will bring success to Square Enix, it will also pave the way for other Asian game developers to follow suit in expanding to western markets.

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