Pokemon GO Update: Full List Of Pokemon Increased On Halloween

Pokemon GO fans are in for a treat this Halloween, as Niantic plans to introduce a couple of interesting things. One of these is the increase in Pokemon's spawn rate, though not all of them get to acquire it. Recently, the studio revealed the creatures that are getting it -- namely, Haunter, Ghastly, Hypo, Drowzee and Zubat. That definitely lacks, as there other species in the list. Well, here they are!

Meowth And Marowak In Pokemon GO

According to Otakukart, these Pokemon GO creatures are among those whose spawn rates have been significantly increased. If in the past they tend to spawn in a specific location or something, it wouldn't be the case in the Halloween update. Meowth and Marowak will be an easy catch, thanks to the tweak the studio did.

Muk And Ekans In Pokemon GO

There's no doubt that Muk and Ekans are, more often than not, quite difficult to catch in Pokemon GO. Heck, if players are able to acquire them, for sure, the process wasn't that easy. But hey, that's a thing in the past. These Pokemon are now believed to have been increased in terms of their overall spawns. It seems fans will be seeing their faces more often now.

Kadabra And Alakazam In Pokemon GO

The Pokemon GO experience would be nothing if players are not able to own either Kadabra or Alakazam -- or perhaps, both of them. These magic type Pokemon are definitely a thing, most especially in gym battles. And fortunately, like the aforementioned species, these two have also been included in overall spawns being increased. Trainers, better watch out!

Shellder And Cloyster In Pokemon GO

Shellder, in particular, is among the rarest creature in Pokemon GO. Its spawn rate in the past was close to zero, but with the Halloween update, it's going to be different. Though its spawn rate hasn't been increased as much as the ones mentioned above, it's still enough for it to spawn often. As for Cloyster, like Kadabra and Alakazam, it has also been increased overall.

Cubone And Golbat In Pokemon GO

Cubone has been given a huge amount of spawn rate now in Pokemon GO. Hence fans can expect more of it now than before. As for Golbat -- albeit not being a very rare Pokemon -- has also been given an increase in its spawn rate. This absolutely makes them more interesting in the game.

Magikarp And Gyarados In Pokemon GO

It holds true, though, that almost all Pokemon GO players have encountered these creatures already. Heck, they've probably owned them already. Nonetheless, Niantic has increased each of their spawn rates. So, in one way or another, they'll be more of them now.

Tentacool And Slowbro In Pokemon GO

Tentacool might be a thing now in Pokemon GO, as its overall spawn rate has been dramatically increased. And sure enough, there are reports of players being able to catch it now compared to before. As for Slowbro, anyone can own it now, as its spawn rate has been increased, too.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon GO increase in spawn rates? Are they any other Pokemon that should be part of the list? Be sure to share with us what you think at the comment section below!

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