Pokemon GO Guide: How To Let Multiple Pokemon Spawn In Your Home

Thanks to Niantic, the dream of becoming the very best was made possible through Pokemon GO. It's definitely a game worth mentioning for the years to come. While the game's aesthetics is pretty much simple, playing it can sometimes be difficult. Well, this is most especially for the part in which catching Pokemon is a must. But what if you can actually acquire creatures in the comfort of your home?

Otakukart has a very interesting theory when it comes to spawning Pokemon GO species in the house. That somehow, in one way or another, this could work accordingly. In fact, players can greatly benefit from it, though the result would vary.

The aforementioned Pokemon GO theory basically refers to Niantic installing a certain feature in the system. This feature, by all means, allows a particular Pokemon to spawn wherever an account is created. This also works when the so-called Geo Location is turned on.

True enough, this Pokemon GO theory can be applied as well on the rural areas. Because really, if not, the latter would display no Pokemon as the number of players in that locations are scarce. This would explain entirely why, despite the aforesaid, the spawn rate is still quite remarkable.

So how do Pokemon GO players take advantage of this? The idea is that if players create accounts in the comfort of their homes -- given that the Geo Location is enabled, too -- there's a possibility of Pokemon spawning. And believe it or not, the rate could be at least one to every hour. This is, of course, possible if they at least create a single account.

In order for multiple Pokemon GO creatures to spawn in a house, multiple accounts should also be created. But since doing so is against Niantic's TOS (Terms of Service), it would be best to ask the help of friends, family and loved ones. From there, the method can be applied. Indeed, this is a very interesting feat to try.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon GO theory or guide? Have you given it a try already? How was it so far? If you did and the results are fascinating, be sure to share it with us at the comment section below. Or perhaps, you can share it to the community!

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