5 Legendary Pokemon Coming To Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

5 Legendary Pokemon Coming To Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update
Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is believed to introduce the highly anticipated Legendary Pokemon. Photo : JoblessGarrett/YouTube

It's really a fact that all Pokemon GO players are waiting for the arrival of Gen 2 update. Why? Well, one probable reason is the possibility of Legendary Pokemon getting introduced. This has always been one of the huge talks about the game. Fans have been wondering when these creatures will ever be released, though Niantic has remained mum since day one. Nevertheless, if this happens, these are the 5 creatures you'll definitely be looking forward to.

Mew In Pokemon GO

When talking about the Legendary Pokemon GO creatures, Mew is without a doubt the number one in the list. It's worth mentioning that in the anime, this creature was caught by Giovanni only to be used as part of the element in creating Mewtwo. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful, thus was released later on. This one here is believed to possess all the genetic composition of the species in the Pokemon universe.

Mewtwo In Pokemon GO

Mewtwo has been a favorite topic within the Pokemon GO community. Many have been theorizing how the studio will introduce this Pokemon along with the other Legendary creatures. Mewtwo is best known for having the capability to evolve into/from any other creature. Nonetheless, it can also offer two different evolutions (Mega Evolves) -- namely, Mega Mewtwo X (using the Mewtwonite X) and Mega Mewtwo (using Mewtwonite Y). This one here is the only specie created by science.

Zapdos In Pokemon GO

Before it'll make an appearance in Pokemon GO, Zapdos was first seen in The Power of One. This Legendary Bird is deemed as a dual-type, as it offers the capability of electricity and flying. Like Mewtwo, it's also believed to have the capability to evolve into/from another creature. This Pokemon is among the tree Legendary Birds (the two are mentioned below) of Kanto. In the game, it represents Team Instinct.

Articuno In Pokemon GO

Articuno, in Pokemon GO, represents Team Mystic. But like Zapdos, it has yet to make an appearance in Pokemon GO. Some believe that once it arrives, it can be utilized by the team it belongs to. The mechanic, however, is a mystery. Articuno is also a dual type Pokemon, capable of flying and giving ice-like powers. It is also one of the Legendary Birds of Kanto.

Moltres In Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, Team Valor is into Moltres. This Legendary Bird is the team's mascot. Unfortunately, like the ones mentioned above, it's still nowhere to be found in the game. There have been talks about these kinds of Pokemon getting introduced as soon as Gen 2 update arrives. Moreover, Moltres is also a dual type creature capable of wielding the fire element while having the ability to fly. This specie is part of the Legendary Birds famously known in Kanto.

There's no doubt that the aforementioned Legendary Pokemon will soon arrive to Pokemon GO. Whether or not they'll be part of Gen 2 update, only time can tell. As for the aforesaid update, it's believed to be released next year. Aside from the Legendary creatures, various  Gen 1 evolutions are also expected to be offered.

What are your thoughts on the above mentioned Legendary species coming soon to Pokemon GO? Are you also excited for their arrival? Be sure to tell us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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