Major League Gaming Introduces One Of The Biggest Overwatch Competitive Scenes

Blizzard has just announced that it'll be hosting competitive Overwatch eSport in the future but apparently, major LAN tournaments including Major League Gaming (MLG) can no longer wait for the official competitive pro scene and has taken the matter into their own hands. Just recently, MLG has announced for their plans of hosting a multi-day eSport festival dubbed MLG Vegas which will host several games including Call of Duty and Overwatch.

MLG Vegas Overwatch

One of the most anticipated events in the MLG Vegas is the largest Overwatch eSport scene - yet; as various teams compete against each other for a base prize pool of $100,000. It is still unclear whether and how the prize pool will increase as no further details regarding the event was disclosed by MLG.

So far, what we know about the event is that eight teams will fly and compete in Vegas. It is still unknown whether the teams will be comprised exclusively of NA players or will it be open internationally (much like that of CS:GO).

MLG Vegas Admission

Although details surrounding the upcoming Overwatch event have remained unrevealed, what we do know is how admission works for the upcoming MLG Vegas. The three types of admission tickets are as follows:

General Admission - this ticket allows general admission seating for the three-day event which also includes the End Game performances and activities. The ticket costs $49.99 which you can buy here.

VIP Admission - this ticket allows VIP admission seating for the three-day event which also includes Early Access to the upcoming venue. This ticket will also include VIP check-in. The ticket costs $149.99 which you can buy here.

Team Pass - this is a unique pass for those that want to compete in the Call of Duty World League. This Pass includes 4-Player Passes and 1 Coach or Manager Pass. End Game access is also included which costs $299.99 in total which you can buy here.

The MLG Vegas is scheduled to start from December 16-18 and will feature games such as Call of Duty World League 2016, Overwatch Invetational as well as a festival event called End Game which is said to have provide multiple musical performances and various surprises.

Rise of Overwatch Competitive Scene

Overwatch' growing popularity has remained unbridled as time goes by and just after 5 months after its release, the community has now garnered over 20 million active users which is fairly insane considering the rise of other popular FPS games including CS:GO and Battlefield. Therefore, it's high time that Overwatch should establish its ground in the competitive eSport to acquire further talents and encourage more players in the game.

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