Making Our Dreams Come True, Disney's Making New Muppet Babies For 2018

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Oct 26, 2016 06:38 PM EDT

Disney has broadcasted the making of a reimagined rendition of the classic kid series. The series, which will be lively CG animated, is scheduled to air in 2018 on Disney Junior.

"Bringing 'Muppet Babies' to Disney Junior is a fantastic possibility to reach a new generation of audience and to ingeniously build on the innovative original series," said Debbie McClellan, vice president of The Muppets Studio, in a statement. "We hope to engage and delight the nostalgic fans while also entertaining new kids, parents and diverse audiences through heart and humor as only the Muppets can deliver."

Muppet Babies displayed the baby Muppets imagining all sorts of life, which the show made real. Often the utopian adventures were allusions to famous movies or TV shows-which should be easy for Disney to do now. They own almost everything. I bet anything Gonzo wants to be Iron Man.

The reanimated Muppet Babies will have two 11-minutes adventures per episode, focusing on themes like time travel or space adventure. Whatever, I learned who Jacques Cousteau was from a Muppet Babies with "under the sea adventure" as the theme. This version better has equally weird pulls.

The new Disney show, kited toward children ages 4-7, is a co-production between Disney Junior, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media's Content & Media group, and The Muppets Studio.

The return of "Muppet Babies" preserves the trend of networks and studios digging into their content to find shows with wistfulness value.

Disney is set to debut a new version of "DuckTales" in 2017. Nickelodeon has a TV movie based on the "Legends of the Hidden Temple" premiering in November, a "Hey, Arnold" TV movie in 2017, and a TV special based on classic '90s animated program, "Rocko's Modern Life" in the works.

Netflix, for the meantime, premiered "Voltron: Legendary Defender," based on the '80s cartoon, over the summer.

Keep the Muppets weird, Disney, and we won't have a problem.

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