Cleveland Cavaliers Got A Surprise Visit From The Undertaker Prior to Its Season Opener

By Topher Pimienta , Oct 26, 2016 10:25 PM EDT

Almost five months have passed since we saw LeBron James wearing a cool throwback shirt of WWE's Phenom, The Undertaker.

It was in game 5 when The King, LeBron James showed the world his fascination of The Undertaker. He rocked a throwback shirt of the deadman while practicing for Game 5 of the NBA finals. When he was asked what was the shirt all about, he didn't gave a direct message but some excerpts said that he was making a statement about the 3-1 lead, and how his team will rise from the grave.

Then in convincing fashion they were able to pull up maybe the biggest surprise in NBA finals history in defeating the Warriors to win their first NBA Championship.

During those games, the Cavaliers also use the Undertaker's entrance theme to strike fear and pump up its players. Most of the Cavs players are wrestling fans and knows all the moves of any wrestlers. LeBron is a huge fan of The Undertaker and Kevin Love is an avid Stone Cold Steve Austin follower.

When Cleveland Cavaliers clinched the NBA title, they went crazy in their locker room. They started jumping for joy, shouting, singing songs and Kevin Love reenacting the famous beer bash of the Legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin. Not only he reenacted Stone Cold's signature beer bash, he also wore the old Austin 3:16 shirt with the matching smoking skull belt.

Then, Kyrie Irving showed his version of The Undertaker shirt. He made some tweaks on the name and made it as The Ankletaker. This is a perfect fit for Kyrie since he really is the king of crossover today. No offense to the two time MVP Steph Curry but you were crossed multiple times by Kyrie and you were outplayed in the NBA Finals.

Undertaker then made his moved and showed up in the Season Opener of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The media tagged it as "Champion meets Champion" when some of the players met the future Hall of Famer The Undertaker. The Birdman and James Jones was so excited they went to Undertaker immediately as soon as they arrived at that building.

Also, there were no videos or pictures uploaded yet but reports said that The Undertaker met with the big three and they were overwhelmed with the presence of the deadman.

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