Pokemon GO Update: How Master Balls, Rare Candies Could Work

Many have surely enjoyed -- and are still enjoying -- Pokemon GO. However, Niantic can't deny the fact that the whole community are hoping for new features to arrive. They feel like the game could certainly benefit from such. While these are all but speculations, it's still interesting to know how things could possibly work. For instance, the Master Ball and Rare Candies -- what sort of stuff will these bring into the table? It's definitely worth investigating.

As of this writing, the studio has introduced only a total of 3 Pokemon GO balls -- namely, Poke Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls. These are obviously the standard, and somehow, in one way or another, people have grown tired of them. Well, they simply need a new one.

This is where Master Balls could enter the titular mobile game Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, Niantic, like what they did with the other supposed features, remains mum about its very existence. Nonetheless, many have theorized the arrival of these balls. Some say it might be in a form of an event, while others suggest it could be through purchasing (in shop) -- though this one here can be quite expensive. Moreover, there those who said that it might for players who'll rank high.

Another Pokemon GO feature that players have been hoping to see are the Rare Candies. According to Otakukart, this item alone can help trainers level up to at least one. And as what rumors say, these sweets will be given to them once they reached a particular quantity of PokeStops. But again, rumors are still, well, rumors.

If Rare Candies are to exist in Pokemon GO, they'll certainly be a great addition. They would be there as a sort of support system, most especially to players who live in rural areas. Why? That's because Pokemon tend to barely spawn there, and with such feature, they won't burden themselves into visiting gyms and/or PokeStops.

In one way or another, this will make the leveling even better for those types of Pokemon GO players. But of course, acquiring these candies isn't moonlight and roses. It'll surely require them to exert a good amount of effort. Either way, Niantic will absolutely come up with a certain system.

What are your thoughts on the aforementioned Pokemon GO features? Do you think Niantic will unveil them sooner or later? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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