WWE Rumors: John Cena To Turn Heel On Return And Will Win His 16th WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

John Cena has been a face in the wrestling world for a very long time now. But if some reports are true, fans may soon see a complete 360 degree turn from WWE and have Cena turn heel and win his 16th WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena is not what some would call an active wrestler in the past year. He has only wrestled in less than fifty matches this year which is way below his usual body of work. And it is rumored that it will continue getting less and less as the years go on.

However, John Cena is on the cusp of WWE history if he gets another world heavyweight title. He will pull his total tally to 16 championships which will tie him with the legendary Rick Flair for most heavyweight titles in pro wrestling.

John Cena is said to make a big return next year, and will make a run for the WWE World Championship at the biggest stage of them all, "WrestleMania 33." Rumors point out that the WWE is contemplating the fact that they could make an even bigger splash by turning him into a heel.

This could make a lot of sense just because Cena won't be able to appear in shows as frequently as he used to do. The only way to make a part-time champion interesting is by turning Cena into a heel. In the meantime, they could give an insane amount of build up their other stars like Ambrose and Styles as the face to beat Cena.

On the other hand, Vince McMahon is said to be steadfast in not turning John Cena into a heel. The problem lies with Cena's multiple engagements outside of the WWE like his "Make a Wish" commitments and his giant merchandising brand that relies on his good guy persona.

Only time will tell if the WWE finally relents and lets John Cena turn heel.

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