BlizzCon 2016: Weird Al Yankovic, 'Diablo 4,' And 'Overwatch' Sombra; What More To Expect?

BlizzCon 2016 Update: Blizzard Teases Future DLC And Events For Overwatch
BlizzCon 2016 Update: Blizzard Teases Future DLC And Events For Overwatch Photo : Photo by Blizzard Entertainment/YouTube

BlizzCon 2016 is nearly upon us. What's waiting for us at Blizzard's annual event? News of Diablo 4? A new hero in Overwatch? We don't know so far, but one thing is for sure. Weird Al Yankovic has been tapped in to perform at the event.

BlizzCon 2016 Features Weird Al Yankovic

The popular entertainer who has parodied hundreds of songs and has even won four Grammy awards is coming to BlizzCon 2016. Blizzard has just announced that Weird Al Yankovic will treat the fans to a performance presumably like no other. He will close the event on Nov. 5.

"We're super excited to close out our tenth BlizzCon with a performance from an epic showman--and fellow geek," Blizzard Co-founder and CEO Mike Morhaim stated. "Weird Al has entertained millions of people around the world with his hilarious music, and we're thrilled that he's bringing mandatory fun to the show and everyone following along with a Virtual Ticket."

Weird Al Yankovic, who holds four gold records and six platinum, has expressed his excitement at performing in the upcoming BlizzCon 2016. He quipped that the event will be a memorable one, being that he will have an audience that is mostly nerdier than he is.

BlizzCon 2016 To Hold Diablo 4 News?

It is no secret that a Diablo title is in the works. Blizzard has not yet officially announced any detail, but it is assumed that BlizzCon 2016 will hold some answers. There is a panel for the franchise, in which it is expected that the developer will announce the much-awaited Diablo 4.

However, there are also speculations that instead of a sequel, Blizzard might be thinking along the lines of an expansion instead. There are also whispers of an HD remake of Diablo 2, which was released back in 2000. Playing the game in 2016 is still fulfilling, but gamers will truly appreciate being able to play it at 1080p resolution.

BlizzCon 2016 To Introduce Overwatch's Sombra?

Blizzard has been teasing fans of the hacker Sombra for a while now. They even released a timer, which fans thought to be a countdown to the Overwatch's hero reveal. However, when it hit, 100 percent, nothing really happened. Fans were once again taken to a maze.

Now, the possibility of Overwatch's Sombra being officially introduced during BlizzCon 2016 is getting higher and higher. There are still rumors of it happening before the event, but most would agree that the annual celebration is the perfect time to finally reveal the character.

BlizzCon 2016 Predictions: World Of Warcraft, Hearthstone And More

Per MMORPG, Blizzard will likely focus on what's coming in World of Warcraft update 7.2. There might be some plans that will be revealed, but any information on the next expansions cannot be expected. As for their other titles, Hearthstone's next expansion might be detailed, Heroes of the Storm might get new maps or new heroes, and Starcraft might have a new mission pack.

Keep in mind though that these are all speculations. As such, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile, fans who still haven't bought a ticket to BlizzCon 2016 are in bad luck. Tickets have long been sold out, but they can still buy a Virtual Ticket at $40 to see the show live online.

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