Battlefield 1 Update: Rental Prices Finally Unveiled, Loadouts Disabled Explained

Recently, EA has announced that Battlefield 1 will offer rental processes for players. And this can happen without the help of any known third-party companies. Now, the studio has finally released the servers' respective prices on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Meanwhile, the reason behind players unable to customize those weapon loadouts have been revealed.

In a blog post found on the official Battlefield 1 forums, both EA and Dice have released the details about the server rental prices. And as mentioned, these include all the information on the game's version on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It's worth noting, though, that players on the latter platform should expect to pay more once the program begins next month.

The prices for Battlefield 1 server rentals on PC are as follows: 1 Day ($2.99), 7 Days ($11.99), 30 Days ($42.99), 90 Days ($99.99) and 180 Days ($149.99). As for the PS4 and Xbox One, they'll have the same price ranges. Here they are: 1 Day ($1.99), 7 Days ($7.99), 30 Days ($26.99), 90 Days ($64.99) and 180 Days ($99.99). Obviously, the consoles are way cheaper than the PC platform.

It should be noted that Battlefield 1 players will not be able to either kick or ban other players despite them owning the servers -- at least for the time being. EA is reportedly working on the Kick/Ban feature, which is something that the community has requested. The aforesaid feature will come to existence following the launch of the Rental Server Program.

In related Battlefield 1 news, DICE has explained that players will only be able to customize weapon loadouts (found in the main menu of the game) as soon as the game is stable, as reported by VG247. This is among the biggest concerns that fans have since day one. For now, what they can do is to either customize a particular loadout during a match or utilize the so-called companion app or site.

The studio iterated that this Battlefield 1 feature, as of now, has been disabled. However, as soon as the devs can confirm that the title is already stable, they'll be working on its existence. So, for now, the aforementioned workarounds are the players' best option.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1 as well as its Rental Server Program? What do you think about the prices? Are you planning to get yourself one? How about your views on customizing weapon loadouts? Share to us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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