NBA 2K17 Latest News And Updates: Dwayne Wade’s Excellent 3-Point Shooting At Opening Night Was Not A Fluke, Lebron Pleasantly Surprised

By Joseph S. , Oct 29, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Opening night of the current NBA 2K17 saw a different and very confident Dwayne Wade as he led the Chicago Bulls in their first win for this season. In the past, Wade was reluctant in taking three point shots from the deep, but now he showed that he has added this shot to his game.
The Bulls may have just increased their chances of reaching the playoffs.

Deciding To Join The Bulls Is A Big Surprise For Many

Wade's decision to join the Chicago Bulls has caught many by surprise. Everybody has assumed that he will retire his basketball jersey with the Miami Heat. Already, the Bulls have Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo pulling the team and adding Wade seems to be an awkward fit. There were serious apprehensions of how these three Alphas will click on the Bulls' offense.

But the Chicago Bulls' opening game against the tough Boston Celtics at the NBA 2K17 on Oct. 27 has given the critics many reasons to pause. Dwayne Wade proved that he is more than capable of carrying the team on his back - with a flawless three-point shooting.

Even Lebron Had His Eyes Opened

Wade's four three-pointers on his team's Thursday game against the Celtics marked only the 16th time in his 856 regular-season NBA games wherein he has made more four or more. Even Lebron James was surprised at his improved three-point performance. He has only good words for his former teammate.

"He's been doing it for 14 years. He hasn't been shooting the 3 like that for 14 years, but it was good to see him play the way he did," said James to reporters before their game against the Raptors. "I know it had to feel real good to him to knock down that clutch jumper, that steps back 3 going left to end that game. It was definitely a great welcome home for himself and those fans," he added.

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