Nintendo Switch News: Handheld Console Hybrid Will Use Nvidia's Pascal Technology, Could Be More Powerful Than Sony's PS4 Pro, Extends Battery Life

By Jupiter Isidro , Oct 31, 2016 04:00 AM EDT
Nvidia unveils next-gen Pascal GPU, 2 years ago (Photo : YouTube / Network World)

The Nintendo Switch is set to have its features revealed on Jan. 12 next year including its release date, features, games, and lots more. It seems that the old-time gaming giant has dusted off their pants and stood up to run on top along with current major players Microsoft and Sony.

Zenji Nishikawa, a Japanese tech writer, says that the Nintendo Switch could continuously evolve with the help of Nvidia's Tegra technology. The actual words in translation is: "keep evolving with advance of Tegra itself". Not quite sure what the actual context is but my guess from the previous sentences would stand for now.

What does this mean?

Well, boys and girls, it means that Nintendo Switch could not just be a one-time built console but rather pattern their product after what the big upcoming consoles - PS4 Pro and Microsoft's Project Scorpio, are now doing which is making systems that iterate faster than what consoles usually do. Nishikawa's credibility when it comes to predicting future releases, particularly in the gaming realm, has had its notable moments. For one, he was the first person to say that the PS4 will have a boosted up version years ago, and now PS4 Pro is announced. With Nishikawa's proven credibility, it's safe to lean on the possibility side of the spectrum rather than speculation, as reported by

How will they play it?

Nishikawa also reports that the Switch will be utilizing Nvidia's Pacal architecture, as opposed to assumed Volta or Maxwell architectures which was previously leaked. That said, Nintendo and NVIDIA are now working together so that the Switch will be packing up customized NVIDIA Tegra chip. As of this writing, no exact specifications are revealed and it is more likely that it will be one of the details to be unveiled on the Jan.12 announcement. With that written, it is being speculated that since Nintendo will be using new technology from NVidia, it will surpass the PS4 Pro's computing capability. Still, let's just hold our horses for now.

In addition, says that Zenji has posted that the Nintendo Switch will use the Pascal 'Parker' technology from NVidia. Since the device is scheduled to be out by March 2017 and the latest and upcoming Tegra generations are embracing 'Parker', it seems that both would fit in the timeline.

Nonetheless, if a PS4 Pro/Xbox Scorpio concept is to be implemented for the Nintendo Switch, it will be after years and months after the first generation hits the shelf. This will be most-likely patterned with how Nintendo traditionally releases improved hardware, for instance, the more powerful XL was released a year after the original 3DS.

Does Tegra technology help battery life?

Hopefully it does, according to a post that reveals that NVidia aims to save power with their new cards. Backed with Pascal architecture, the cards are reported to save 60% power compared to its previous generations. I am also particular on how they would pull off battery life for the Nintendo Switch. With all modern technology racing towards being the best, so does the demand powering up for it. If we don't look into the battery aspects of our devices, we will be left with nothing but superb devices with also superbly short life spans when not plugged in. Below is a video showcasing Nvidia's Tegra techonology.

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