Nintendo Switch News: Battery Life Might Only Last Shorter Than 5 Hours, May Use Disposables

First Look at Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch played outside, wonder how much battery these guys have remaining. Photo : YouTube / Nintendo

The world is in awe after the release of Nintendo Switch's three-minute feature video which showcased how the console slash handheld hybrid is played. Awesome, indeed, as it can be plugged in to your huge screen in the living room and when it's time to meet up with friends, you simply remove the side panels from the main controller base and insert it to its mobile (tablet-like) gadget that you can bring anywhere. With that said, is the mobile mode designed thoroughly to make the power last for a day? Or should gamers bring along their chargers or power banks (battery packs) when planning to stay outside for long?

Personally, battery life has been a long fiend of mine when it comes to mobile devices. We make these incredible gadgets with astonishing features, yet the power that feeds it only lasts for hours. Even this Sony Xperia Z5 that I use, which has an enormous battery in it, can't make it home without saying 'hey, your phone is almost dead' when I decide to go outside and catch some wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go. I also hate the idea of bringing along the charger when I feel like going to the beach or the mall to write stuff on a laptop. When the Nintendo Switch went live over the internet, I too was in awe about how it is 'promised' to perform but there's this tiny voice in my mind looping over and over while I watched the trailer for the first time, 'I bet the battery would die long before that dude can arrive at the party.' Also other parts of me say that if battery is to be enhanced for this device, let's just hope it won't explode like Samsung's Galaxy Note 7.

How will the battery perform for Nintendo Switch's mobile mode?

With concerns still on battery life I was looking for official specs for the Nintendo Switch and it turns out the details are to be revealed. However some speculations and concerns about it have already been online. Some say judging from the features on the video and the size of the device, it will have a battery life of 3 to 5 hours tops. Others also suggest that it will support disposable batteries based on its usage demands, Nintendo has been using disposable batteries on their previous handhelds too. I favor the disposable battery feature but it should have an internal battery to keep it going in case you need to change those that are removable, something like 'switching to internal power, please change your batteries.'

There are also other cool features like how the removable side controllers can be used by two players. This is indeed a breakthrough by Nintendo in terms of innovation by marrying hand-held and consoles and simply 'switching' to either mode whenever needed. Friends can come over as usual for a console party, or bring the console (in hand-held mode, of course) to a party on a rooftop or at the beach (hope salty air won't affect the system). The feature video also showed scenes that friends can couch game on a bus or a van, one cool idea that everyone wishes has come true. Nintendo Switch made an awesome presentation today but we will still need to test it firsthand before we can attest that it is really a good gaming device. Below is a nifty explanation of how batteries work, maybe we can get tips from here that we can apply to the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

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