Clash Royale Complete November Update: New Feature, Balance Update and 4 New Cards; Tornado Spell Details Revealed

By K.C , Oct 31, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

Supercell has just announced an upcoming update for the month of November and it came with surprising new balance changes which is a direct counter for the previous meta. Apparently, in the upcoming update, it seems that Supercell wanted to see more Ice Golems in the upcoming tournaments. Here is the complete update for the month of November.

Clash Royale Balance Update

Ice Golem Death Damage enhanced by 74%

Due to the last update that buffed the Skeleton Army and with the newest addition of Tombstone spell, more and more players are choosing these spooky minions which prompted Supercell to find ways to counter these annoying little ones. With the Ice Golem buff, he can now instantly demolished all Skeleton Army upon death.

Ice Spirit Freeze duration reduced to 1.5 seconds (from 2 seconds)

Arguably the best card in the current meta, Ice Spirit has the best cost-effective elixir card in the game. With just one Elixir cost, the 2 seconds Freeze duration was clearly too imbalanced. Well, a lot of us are already expecting this nerf to begin with.

Rage effect enhanced to 35% (from 30%)

The 5% buff in Rage spell certainly is a significant upgrade from the current spell although I still doubt whether or not players will use the card as there's still a lot of great spells aside from Rage. Most notably, the upcoming Tornado spells which we will be discussing below.

Inferno Tower HP reduced by 6%

One of the best defensive towers in the game, Inferno Tower can easily take down tanks and can hold a lot of siege troops when played with distract cards. With the upcoming nerf, it'll help players deal against this pesky tower a lot better.

Clash Royale New Improved Feature

Friendlier Friendly Battles

The new upgraded feature will let players engage a friendly battle with their friends in tournament standard cards. It's friendlier friendly battles indeed! Also, there have been hidden reworks in Friendly Battles based on Yarn's Video. The most notable is that players can no longer see the Elixir bar of their friend's opponent when spectating as this had led to cheating abuse. Another one is that muted players no longer show bubble chats when speaking. Clash Royale New Cards

Tornado Spell has been officially confirmed and we now have its details which will be shown in the table below.

Elixir Cost








3.2 seconds




The new spell card has an amazing pulling effect against the troops that make contact or are near it. The 5-tile radius will certainly drag a lot of troops towards the tornado making it a huge nuisance for hordes of distraction troops. We will see how top tiered players will play around this spell. But one thing is certain, it's an amazing replacement for the recently nerfed Poison spell!

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