Clash Royale News Update: How Giant + Poison Goison Is Badly Nerf And More

Supercell has made yet another update, which will be officially released this coming October 20, that will shake all tiers in the arena. The upcoming update comes with card balancing including some specific nerfs and buffs - both have considerable effects especially for those that are frequently running the Goison strategy (Giants + Poison). To learn more about how the update will affect the future meta, here is the latest Clash Royale October update.

Clash Royale October Update

Poison will no longer slow attack and movement speed

One of the most significant change in the latest update is the nerf in poison spell. For those that love to run with Poison not just for Goison strategy, you might find your control significantly reduced due to this change. This alone can badly hurt any Goison composition as you'll no longer be able to control an area for 10 seconds.

Giant HP reduced by 5%

Another nerf coming for the Goison strategy is the reduction of Gian'ts HP. As you can remember, the bad boy was already previously nerfed by decreasing its damage by 5%. But Supercell has then noticed that it's the Giant's HP that's crucial for any strategy and thus, in the latest patch, the devs have already taken their measures to put the Giants in its rightful place.

The 5% HP reduction might not be a considerable amount of nerf but any deduction of a card's stat will eventually brought about a change in the overall arena gameplay. It would seem that the current balancing update was centered at reducing the effectiveness of the Giant + Poison strategy which is fairly common in the arena nowadays.

Elixir Collector now costs 6 elixir (up from 5), Elixir gain now increased to 8 (up from 7), Lifetime increased by 10 seconds

One of the most popular cards in-game is the Elixir Collector -- giving you a hefty return with close-to-minimal risks. With the new change, your opponent has a higher chance of punishing your decision with a strategic counterplay.

Log now rolls further and much faster, also increasing its damage by 9%

One of the least picked up card is the Log but now, it seems that more people might be including this card on their deck especially with the significant buffs it has taken.

Skeleton Army now costs 3 elixirs (up from 4), Skeleton count reduced to 16 (down from 21), Skeleton level increased by 5

Note that Skeleton Army is still great in the previous patch especially during the early stages of the game but with the inclusion of several AoE damaging cards, the significance of Skeleton Army was vastly reduced. Thanks to this update, the Skeleton Army will once again rain terror upon your enemy! (This buff might be a Halloween inspired pun.)

Bug Fixes and Minor Rescale

Ice Golem and Golem death damage will now properly affect flying units

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