World Of Final Fantasy Guide: How To Imprism Rare Mirages

World Of Final Fantasy Guide: How To Imprism Rare Mirages
This World of Final Fantasy Rare Mirages guide will help you locate and learn how to imprism Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh and others. Photo : Photo by YOGSCAST Kim/YouTube

World of Final Fantasy, the game which brings together all the iconic Final Fantasy characters, is a nostalgic experience for the fans of the franchise. It also offers a unique and different take on said characters, as players can poke fun on their chibi forms. There are Squall, Tidus, Yuna and more who can be summoned as champions. Then there are mirages, the rare ones of which include notable characters Ifrit, Shiva and Master Moogle.

Here's a complete guide of rare mirages and how to imprism them.

World Of Final Fantasy Rare Mirages Guide: Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh

Ifrit can be caught in the Coliseum. Of course, you will need an Ifrit prism and to successfully imprism it, you need to use fire attacks. Shiva can be found in the Coliseum as well. Be sure to have a Shiva prism and use Ice attacks. Lastly, Ramuh who you can catch in the Coliseum as well requires a Ramuh prism and Thunder attacks.

World Of Final Fantasy Rare Mirages Guide: Master Moogle, Master Cactuar, Master Tonberry

First things first, all of these three can be found in the Coliseum. With that out of the way, let's head over to their requirements. For Master Moogle, you will need a Moogle prism and to use magic enhancements. To imprism Master Cactuar, you must have a Master Cactuar Prism and deal Evasion Down. Master Tonberry, on the other hand, requires a Master Tonberry Prism and for you to use Earth Attacks.

World Of Final Fantasy Rare Mirages Guide: Ifreeta, Shivalry, Ramewl

Another batch that is found in the Coliseum. Per the users on the GameFaqs forum, they are the other gender versions of Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuh. You will need an Ifreeta, Shivalry and Ramewl prisms respectively. They require the same attacks as their original counterparts: Fire, Ice and Thunder.

World Of Final Fantasy Rare Mirages Guide: Quacho Queen, Princess Goblin, Ultros, Undead Princess

Quacho Queen, aside from requiring a Quacho Queen prism, can be caught in the Sunken Temple. To imprism her, you need to restore her health points (HP). Princess Goblin is in the Cornelia Region. You must have a Princess Goblin prism and you need to inflict blindness.

Ultros is the last rare mirage to be caught in The Coliseum. Use an Ultros prism and let only one party member face it. Lastly, you can catch Undead Princess in the Ice Region with an Undead Princess prism. Use Light attacks for this Mirage.

There are other mirages, but this guide only talks about the rare mirages. You can get the prisms you need by defeating them in the main storyline. You will remember some of these as beings you can summon in the past titles, while some are small-time characters that stuck to the players' minds. Cactuar, for example, was an enemy in Final Fantasy 6, but it is also a summon.

World of Final Fantasy is exclusive to Sony's consoles: PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. For the guide to champions, which include your favorite Final Fantasy heroes, check out this guide here.

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