Civilization 6 Complete Civ Guide: Leader, Unique Building, Unique Unit, Ability [Part 2]

Civilization 6 Winter Update Contains A Lot Of AI Improvements, Polish And Vikings
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Already got Civilization 6? The huge number of civs to choose from might prove to be intimidating to newbies. But with this guide, hopefully you'll be able to choose which one would best suit your intentions, whether you're planning to go for a Score, Religious, Domination, Science or Culture Victory.

We'll start with Germany. You can see America, Arabia, Aztec, Brazil, China, Egypt, England and France in our part 1 of this Civilization 6 complete civ guide here.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Germany

Germany Leader: Frederick Barbarossa. His Holy Roman Emperor ability provides combat strength bonus when players attack city-states. Players also get an extra Military policy slot.

Germany Unique Infrastructure: Hansa. Players get production bonus when it is placed next to additional adjacent districts, resources or commercial hubs. It replaces the Industrial Zone.

Germany Unique Unit: U-Boat. It is a naval unit that gets a boost in power when fighting in the ocean. It also costs low production.

Germany Ability: Free Imperial Cities. This ability grants an extra District in each city than what is allowed for the population.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Greece

Greece Leader: Queen Gorgo of the Spartans. Her ability Thermophylae gives her culture whenever her troops emerge as victorious. Fun fact: Lena Headey played her character in the movie "300."

Greece Leader: Pericles. His ability called Surrounded by Glory gives out extra culture for every allied city-state.

Greece Unique Building: Acropolis. Greece's unique building must be built on a hill. It gets extra from adjacency bonuses when placed next to districts.

Greece Unique Unit: Hoplite. It gets a bonus when adjacent to other Hoplites. It is suggested by PCGamesN that they make for a great spear unit early on in the game.

Greece Ability: Plato's Republic. It provides players another wildcard slot in any government.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: India

India Leader: Gandhi. His ability called Satyagraha provides faith bonus for every civ he meets that is not at war and has founded a religion. Furthermore, civs that wage war against India's leader will get significant penalties in happiness.

India Unique Infrastructure: Stepwell. It provides housing and food to the population. If placed next to a farm, it produces more food. If next to a holy site, it produces faith.

India Unique Unit: Váru. This unique unit is a huge elephant that decreases the combat strength of adjacent enemy units.

India Ability: Dharma. It allows the player to get all the follower beliefs of every religion in the city.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Japan

Japan Leader: Hojo Tokimune of the Kamakura shogunate. He has an ability called Divine Wind that grants combat bonus to land units near the coasts and to naval units in the shallow water tiles. It also allows Japan to build the Holy Site, Theatre Square and Encampment districts in half the usual time.

Japan Unique Building: Electronics Factory. It provides bonus culture and production to adjacent cities, even if they are not your own cities.

Japan Unique Unit: Samurai. Unlock the Military Tactics tech to get this unique unit that takes damages without losing combat strength.

Japan Ability: Meiji Restoration. It grants adjacency bonus to all districts adjacent to another district.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: The Kongo

The Kongo Leader: Mvemba a Nzinga or also known as King Afonso I. His unique ability Religious Convert disables building Holy Sites, founding Religions and getting Great Prophets. He, however, gets all Beliefs of all Religions established in the cities' majority. You also get one Apostle of the city's majority religion every time you build a Theatre District or M'banza.

The Kongo Unique Infrastructure: M'banza. It provides housing, replacing the neighborhood. Apart from that, it also produces gold and food.

The Kongo Unique Unit: Ngao Mbeba. It gets a combat strength bonus when against ranged attacks. They incur no movement penalty for moving through forests and jungles.

The Kongo Ability: Nkisi. It allows all Artifacts, Relics, Sculpture and Great Works of Art to produce gold, food and production on top of culture and tourism. You also get five slots for Great Works in the Palace.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Norway

Norway Leader: Harald Hardrada. Said to be the last Viking king, he has the ability Thunderbolt of the North that allows all naval melee units to do coastal raids. He also has the Viking Longship that can heal in neutral territory.

Norway Unique Building: Stave Church. It is essentially a Temple but gets bonus faith when adjacent to forests.

Norway Unique Unit: The Berserker. This unit can do pillaging with one less movement. However, their defense is not on par.

Norway Ability: Knarr. This ability allows units to cross the ocean after Shipbuilding research. Embarking and disembarking would not incur additional movement costs.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Rome

Rome Leader: Trajan. Aptly named Trajan's Column, his ability grants every city one building for free in the city center.

Rome Unique District: The Baths. It is like the Aqueduct but provides more housing and amenities.

Rome Unique Unit: The Legion. It is stronger than a Swordsman and can build roads and forts like a Military Engineer. Their ability to build is limited, though.

Rome Ability: All Roads Lead to Rome. You earn extra gold for every Trade Route that passes through trading posts, which are automatically built in new cities. It will also automatically build a trade route from the capital to new cities within the range.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Russia

Russia Leader: Peter the Great. His ability The Grand Embassy earns him Science or Culture from trade routes going to more advanced civs.

Russia Unique District: Lavra. It is basically a Holy Site, but the bonus is that it adds one tile to the city border for each Great Person used in the city.

Russia Unique Unit: Cossack. It has bonus combat strength when in battle within or next to the home territory. It has more attack points than a cavalry and can move after attacking.

Russia Ability: Mother Russia. For every founded city, Russia gets extra territory. Tundra tiles also provide more faith and production.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Scythia

Scythia Leader: Tomyris. Her Killer of Cyrus ability allows her units to regain health when defeating an enemy. She also provides bonus combat strength to units when against wounded units.

Scythia Unique Improvement: Kurgan. It grants bonus faith and gold. Additional faith is given when adjacent to Pastures.

Scythia Unique Unit: Saka Horse Archer. Contrary to the name, you do not need a horse to build this unit. It carries 4 Movement and 1 range.

Scythia Ability: People of the Steppe. Train a Saka Horse Archer or light cavalry unit and get another one.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Spain

Spain Leader: Philip II. He has an ability called El Escorial that grants combat bonus to units who are attacking units of another religion. His inquisitors also have the ability to remove heresy from an additional tile.

Spain Unique Infrastructure: Mission. It provides Science if adjacent to a campus and provides Faith if built in a continent different from the capital.

Spain Unique Unit: Conquistador. All units benefit from a Spanish apostle, missionary or inquisitor on their hex. A captured Conquistador will also convert an adjacent city to Spain's majority Religion.

Spain Ability: Treasure Fleet. Trade routes between continents provide more yields. Spain can also combine them into fleets earlier than the usual.

Civilization 6 Civ Guide: Sumeria

Sumeria Leader: Gilgamesh. His ability Adventures with Enkidu shares combat experience and pillage rewards to the closest ally within five tiles.

Sumeria Unique Building: The Ziggurat. Build it next to a river to get Science and Culture. It can be built at the beginning of the game.

Sumeria Unique Unit: War Cart. This cavalry unit does not incur a penalty if against anti-cavalry units or Spearmen. Start in an open terrain and the unit gets additional movement.

Sumeria Ability: Epic Quest. You are rewarded with a Tribal Village for each time you capture a barbarian outpost.

That was a long list, wasn't it? Wondering which ones are great for Domination, Religion, Science or Culture victory? Check out this guide to choose the best civ for any type of victory.

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