Civilization 6 Guide: Which Civs Are The Best For Each Type Of Victory

Civilization 6 Guide: Which Civs Are The Best For Each Type Of Victory
Civilization 6 features different victory types: Domination, Religion, Science and Culture. Find out which civ to choose for each type. Photo : Photo by Sid Meier's Civilization/YouTube

There are five ways to win in Civilization 6. Players can achieve Victory by Score, Religion, Domination, Science or Culture. There are different conditions for a civ to win in each one and there are certain civs that are more inclined to win a certain Victory. In this guide, we'll talk about the best civs for Domination, Religion, Science and Culture Victory

Civilization 6 Guide: Best Civs For Domination Victory

To achieve a Civilization 6 Domination Victory, you must defeat and seize all the Capitals of other civs. This means that you need strong military power to start making other civilizations bow down to your greatness.

Tomyris-led Scythia is on top of the list with its huge early game military advantage. Her Killer Cyrus unique ability allows units to have +5 Combat Power when against wounded enemies and to heal up to 50 points when they eliminate units.

The pre-order bonus Aztec with its leader Montezuma is also a great choice with the unique unit Eagle Warrior. It will prove its power early in the game and when you do it right, you will be able to conquer the world in no time.

Other civs you can choose for a Civilization 6 Domination victory are England, Greece with Gorgo and Germany.

Civilization 6 Guide: Best Civs For Religion Victory

Alternatively, you can go the peaceful route and achieve a Civilization 6 Religion Victory. This is actually the first title to feature such. To win, you must spread out your religion throughout the map and have over 50 percent of the population of each civ to be followers.

India with Gandhi is an obvious choice. The leader gets a lot of faith bonuses, which you really need to have lots of. Interestingly, Scythia is dubbed the best choice for a Civilization 6 Religion Victory, according to an associate producer of the game. The Kurgan is especially helpful in building up faith early in the game.

Another great choice is Spain with Philip II. Though not exactly a peaceful route, your military get a bonus in Combat strength when fighting other civs with a different religion.

Civilization 6 Guide: Best Civs For Science Victory

To achieve a Civilization 6 Science Victory, players must get to space ahead of other civs. There are three milestones to achieve: launch a satellite, set foot on the moon and establish a colony on Mars. Judging from this criteria, you must choose the best technologically-advanced civ.

Russia or America? Real-world issues aside, both are actually great civs for a Civilization 6 Science Victory. The Theodore Roosevelt-led civ may not have Science bonuses, but once you hit it off in the Modern Era, you'll be on your way to Mars. Peter I, on the other hand, can help bring in research bonus.

Other civs that have Science bonus include Rome, Japan and Arabia. There is also Gilgamesh with its unique building, Ziggurat. When placed next to rivers, the infrastructure generates Science bonus on top of Culture.

Civilization 6 Guide: Best Civs For Culture Victory

Lastly, there's winning through a Civilization 6 Culture Victory. This is actually the hardest win to achieve. You must have more tourists in your civ than in other civs and not only that, these tourists must be happy.

Mvemba a Nzinga-led Kongo is one of the most recommended civs for a Civilization 6 Culture Victory. You will need great artists that will pave the way for more relics, sculpture and artifacts that will give bonuses.

China and France are also civs that can greatly help you earn Culture and Tourism bonuses. With Great Wall of China and Chateau, they get a lead on Culture. You can fairly easily achieve a Culture Victory through Greece with Pericles and America, too.

Of course, these civs do not guarantee an instant win in any of the Victory type. You must have great strategy and you must learn the ins and outs of a civ for you to utilize them effectively. Meanwhile, check out our complete Civilization 6 Guide to civs. You can get the game here.

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